Voting in Alameda County is at risk!

Do you trust your County Board of Supervisors? Do you trust the County Registrar of Voters? I wish I could…

ballot box

According to reliable sources, both within the County’s offices and fellow voting rights activists, the County is turning its back on us –the voters of Alameda County– by refusing to honor its commitment to a fair, open and transparent voting process. I encourage you to take immediate action to hold the Board and the Registrar accountable.

The best explanation of the outcome of the 6/8/2006 hearing is provided in the minutes, here:

[The contract was] “Approved as recommended with two amendments: Staff was directed to 1) conduct independent security vulnerability testing prior to paying for the electronic voting system and return to the Board to consider options for public disclosure of the results; 2) conduct a 100% recount of the Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) votes cast in the November 2006 election.”

The contract, as signed by the Alameda County and Sequoia Voting Systems does not include a requirement or provision for independent testing!! Please note the following documentary evidence of aforementioned transgression:

  • Minutes of the 6/8/2006 public hearing
  • Audio of the 6/8/2006 hearing (three hours)
  • Contract between Alameda County and Sequoia

Please note, you are not alone. The wheels of progress are in motion and the County will soon be presented with a very real challenge on this issue (stay tuned)!

Please take immediate action, by contacting the County Supervisors and the Registrar of Voters re: the above contractual issue! You efforts can have an immediate affect on the quality of our elections in Alameda County.

This is also an excellent time to click on our Act Blue page and contribute to the campaign of Debra Bowen, the Democratic candidate for California Secretary of State.

(h/t to Jim Soper for the heads up.)


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