I Smell a Rat


Too many coincidences surround the ABC/Disney miniseries issue. I am getting the feeling that this might be the work of Rove.

It is apparent that the unpopularity of the Iraq quagmire is going to give Democrats a big advantage this November. It is also no secret that there are many who are calling for the impeachment of Bush and his administration. These are things that we have been aware of for a long time now.

So what could Rove do to try to dissuade a populous from seeing impeachment as the right and proper thing to do?

He can try to convince them that impeachment of a standing president during a time of national crisis (our current “war on terror”) would dramatically hinder his ability to do his job. A miniseries on a major right-wing sympathising network would be the perfect medium!

In fact, to convince the network to cooperate, Rove could sell it like this:

“We (the White House) will help you develop the story-line and grant interviews to ensure accuracy, and we can air it around 9/11 as a ‘tribute’ seen as a goodwill piece by ABC and Disney. Furthermore, we will even schedule a Presidential speech commemorating the tragedy that you (ABC) can air right in the middle of the second and final episode!”

How could ABC/Disney not bite? They bit and were caught hook, line and sinker!

ABC claims that their miniseries was based on the 9/11 commision report and various interviews. No doubt Rove himself was interviewed… after all, this could have been his brain child.

Oh, coincidentally, the timing of the whole thing happens to fall right in the eye of the campaign storm of the 2006 midterms. Imagine that.

Sure there will be some controversy, but the fingers will point to ABC and Disney — NOT Rove and Bush who may just have orchestrated this massive smear job. Gotta hand it to Rove (if he in fact, had anything to do with this as I speculate): Brilliant! Underhanded, despicable, disgusting and wrong… but brilliant nonetheless.

I hope I am wrong, but I wouldn’t put anything past that fat rat Rove… nothing.

BTW, a note to John Lehman: Michael Moore has been presenting FACTS not LIES to the American and World people. This miniseries is chock full of so-called distortions and inaccuracies – i.e. “LIES”.


2 Responses to I Smell a Rat

  1. malcontent says:

    This entire mockumentary is a red herring. The question is NOT, “who is responsible for allowing Bin Laden / al Qaeda to attack us on 9/11?” The real question is, “WHO ATTACKED US ON 9/11 and WHY?”

    Based on the 4 1/2 years of research I’ve done on this issues, I can say, without hesitation, the 9/11 Commission’s “final report” is a work of absolute fiction. If I am correct, then the entire premise of this film is baseless. (Please watch the video I linked to, which is based on the complete timeline of events, from public and major media resources. It is a good first step.)

    There is so much more, but I cannot explain all of it in this comment box. Please review the resources which have been presented. Don’t believe me, find the EVIDENCE for yourself — reach your own conclusion. That’s what I did. Remember, solid evidence is not conjecture, not hearsay, not clever reframing.

    * (watch my video post of 9/10/2006)
    * http://911synchronicity.com/
    * http://st911.org
    * http://wtc7.net
    * http://wkjo.com
    * http://911essentials.com/

    Tekstone, this is much bigger than JUST Rove (and Cheney and Bush).

  2. A.Citizen says:

    Go read Billmon from yesterday…

    Then realise that reality has ceased to matter for most Americans. They don’t know what it is, how could they with the corporate media fabricating everything they write out of whole cloth, and more importantly they don’t care.

    Perception is everything, or almost, and the perception of this ‘mockumentry’ is that it sucked as TV. Thus even if you accept the premise that this is Rovian spin it don’t matter. Nobody watched it.

    They watched football as they will continue to do until gas hits $10.00 a gallon, yeah I know it’s down…big surprise, and the housing bubble sucks all the air out of what growth this economy has.

    Once again read Billmon and continue to fight to educate the citizenry but be aware that until the sheeple realise who holds the shears all progress will be tentative and uncertain.

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