The Medicare Doughnut Hole

Today is doughnut hole day.

As delicious as it may sound, September 22nd is the day that tens of thousands of senior citizens have dreaded. Today, the average Medicare enrollee will show up to his or her pharmacy — and discover that their prescription drug coverage has stopped completely.

You see, when President Bush and Congress passed Medicare Part D, they forced seniors into a prescription drug coverage system than only covers roughly $2,000 in medication costs. When seniors hit their limit, their coverage is cut off — until they spend nearly $3000 out of their own pockets.

It doesn’t take long for thousands of fixed-income seniors to reach this “doughnut hole.” That’s why Americans United is fighting to fix Medicare Part D:

Our coalition partner, Campaign for America’s Future, is holding a contest: they’re giving $500 to the “community favorite” YouTube video on how to eliminate the “doughnut hole.” They know that the creative spirit of passionate Americans can produce some amazing ideas — and encourage others to get involved.

Join the campaign by entering the video contest today.

Medicare Part D provides billions of dollars in handouts to drug and insurance companies — and pushes the bill onto senior citizens.

We cannot allow the Bush Administration’s failed policies to put the lives of America’s seniors at risk.

Thank you,

Jeremy Funk

Americans United for Change


One Response to The Medicare Doughnut Hole

  1. Darwin Corby says:

    You are so right!

    This plan does not address enough. Sure it helps some people, but a large minority are still stuck with major bills if they reach the doughnut hole

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