Outlaw Racist Flags

confederate flagnazi flag
The confederate and nazi flags should be outlawed. They represent hatred, slavery and murder. Democrats should push this legislation to show that they are sensitive to the past injustices and suffering of whole populations of African Americans and Jews.

The display, possession, sale and manufacturing of these flags are equivalent to hate crime and as such should be banned by law. Freedom of speech is one of our most valuable Constitutional rights, but a criminal act of hate falls outside the bounds of free speech.

If the right wing believes that burning the American flag is important enough to outlaw, the left should take up this cause. This move would put the right on the defensive and show them for the racist scum that they are.

Let’s come at them from an angle that they would not expect. Let’s get ’em during an election year with this lefty ‘hot-button’ issue. Let’s blindside them, distract them and knock them out! Let’s start setting the agenda for a change and showing the rest of the country and the world not only that we have principles but that we stand up for them!



20 Responses to Outlaw Racist Flags

  1. A.Citizen says:

    I like this idea!


  2. earley tyner says:

    you are out of your minds the natzi flag should be outlawed from being usedor even seen in this country.
    but the confederate flag is not a flag of hate it is a part of heritage and history.just because some idiots want it destroyed does not change history or heritage.what you are showing is the worst type of rape you can do on this country.we have the worst supreme court in this country we have ever had

  3. A.Citizen says:

    I could not agree with yer more earley. The ‘federate flag is a symbol of our heritage of slavery. A fine and noble tradition until dem Yankee’s fuked it up. ‘Course 600,000 Americans died in that piece of ‘history’ but what the hey it was the principle of the thing as I am sure you agree. The noble Confederate flag was carried into battle by folks just like you determined that the principle that one man could own another, kinda like you own yer dog, was something good, noble and well…worth dying for. I would hope you would honor those valiant Southren gentlemen who shed their blood that black folk could be sold at auction like yer car or a cow.

    ‘Cause ya see ‘earley’ there are black folks all around now and they think that the noble Confederate flag is a symbol of how folks like yerself usta treat them…

    Like dogs.

    But we know don’t we ‘earley’ that it’s really a symbol of all that was best about the south.

    One man’s right to own another.

    That was the history of the flag and nothing can change that shameful fact. So run that sucka up da pole and sing Dixie as loud as yer can.

    Ain’t too many gonna sing with ya bud.

  4. tekstone says:

    A note to commenters: while all comments are welcome – because we can handle whatever you want to throw at us – it is most upsetting to us educated types when our language (an important part of OUR heritage) is ‘raped’ by Southern redneck motherfuckers. So please have some consideration for our heritage and learn up on grammar an’ such before you go writin’ on da compyooter.

  5. A.Citizen says:

    It would also be good to use the spellcheck feature. Me, I was writing in dialect and you may criticise my ability to do that but I do feel I got the ‘spelling’ right.

    Right wing assclown that is.

  6. proud white man says:

    Sure outlaw all the things you dont like, i think we should outlaw that stupid fist that the african americans are so fond of also! Oh its ok to say your proud to be black but let a white man say hes proud and the whole world is raciest! Lets turn america into another russia!Hell! lets outlaw everything!!!!!

  7. A.Citizen says:

    Dey workin’ on it Homer. And with the help of fools like yerself dey gonna git ‘er done.

  8. J.M.Lamb says:

    I do not support the natzi way but i think your totally wrong. I have things like this only as i collect them. They show a leaders point and his determination. He is a part of history Hitler and there is nothign we can change about that. But come on its only a flag? Why cant u just leave it. Anyway theres my point. Cya

  9. tekstone says:

    First of all, Nazi is not spelled with a ‘T’. Secondly, I think you meant to write the contraction of “you are” – you’re – not the possessive “your”. You have things like this BECAUSE you collect them. A flag shows neither a leader’s (notice the possessive apostrophe used here) “point” nor “determination” – those kinds of things might be found in a speech, letter, diary or even in his or her actions – but not in a flag. Hitler and his ilk are certainly a part of history, J.M. Lamb, and it is from this that we learn what NOT to allow to repeat itself. Are you asking me if it is only a flag, J.M.? Your use of the question mark here seems inappropriate. However, you could have used that question mark at the end of “Why can’t you just leave it.” Notice the correct use of the conjunctive apostrophe and “you” is spelled out here. One more conjunctive apostrophe in the next sentence for “there’s” and a comma after the word “Anyway” would have been appropriate. And finally, I have no idea what “Cya” is. Is that a new premium imported vodka – maybe made with organic potatoes? You got me there.

    Oh, by the way, my argument is sound. Your criticism is invalid due to its grammatical and logical flaws. I highly recommend this site for your further edification: http://www.strunkandwhite.com

  10. J.M.Lamb says:

    Becuas of hte garbige in tat note of urs & cos u like corectin yoursel i hav left you this for somthin to entertan u. Corect the speeeelings nd im sure youl be very pleesed with urself.

    Anyway. That is my point of view & if your not happy with it thats your own problem. You seem to be very aggressive in the way you show your points of views and i did not think coming across this article i would be in for a english lesson. Anyway i ahev not read your full argument as it sounds like complete rubbish. I have much better things to do with my life and if you are not happy with my writing then discuss it with yourself.

    O and by the way “cya” (because you love your “apostrophes” so much is english meaning goodbye, chao,aufweidersein.

    So cya… have fun looking through Encarta

  11. A.Citizen says:

    Well if you’ve got ‘much better things to do with your life…’ why the fuck are you coming around here and spewing drivel and bullshit all over the place. We’ve got better things to do than clean up after the likes of you.


    Don’t let the door hit you in your ass as you exit.

  12. J.M.Lamb says:

    Excuse me? Your an anti racist group that cant take other peoples comments. Your language i must say is terrible and from what everyone else says i now see… all Americans are the same.

  13. M.G Gardner says:

    Excuse me but J.M Lamb is my friewnd and if you bully him i will be forced to take severe action!

  14. P.Smith says:

    Excuse me 3 but J.M. Lamb is my friend aswell and if you bully him i will also have to take severe actiom!

  15. J.Lamb says:

    Exactly nor nor nor shut up get some mates no one likes you nor nor nor nor gan away exactly wouldnt dare exactly got no mates.

  16. M.G Gardner says:

    well in john, i c they lyk correctin stuff, well un jumble this. UFKC FOF. Spackers i exactly nor nor nor shut up

  17. A.Citizen says:

    Exactly you bunch of weirdos no one likes you you waste of spaces. Go and do a horse!

  18. A.Citizen says:

    I like a good bit of dialogue mateys but sorry to say you are not capable of engaging in same. Continue with your juvenile, mouth-breather commentary and you WILL BE CONSIGNED TO THE OUTER DARK!

    This is your only warning.

  19. A.Citizen says:

    Say goodbye for you are now history Mr. J.M. ‘Assclown’ Lamb.

  20. tekstone says:

    Man! How disillusioning! I actually thought the Brits had more brains than that. I guess they have their brainless, blithering idiots like we do here. I suppose the Sex Pistols proved that about thirty years ago…

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