Republicans are the problem. Your vote is the solution!

Let’s get real here folks. It’s election time and this will be one of the most significant elections in a host of significant elections. The fascist scum of the Republican Party have been busy destroying our nation’s infrastructure, morality, armed forces and using the Constitution for toilet paper.

And our Act Blue page has raised $59.00.

Of which I gave $10.00.

This ain’t gonna get the job done folks.  

Tester is giving ‘Foot in Mouth Disease’ Burns much more than he can handle in MT.

Lamont is closing the gap on Losermann in CT.  Get with the program and visit his website to learn how you can help.

Webb is breathing fire down ‘Macacca’ Allen’s fat neck. Give him some love so we can send this Bush loving, racist, pusillanimous polecat back where he came from LA!

Here in CA Debra Bowen, our real hope for an end to ‘hackable’ computerised voting, is in the thick of it and needs our help. Go to the Bear’s ActBlue page, look upper right home page, clik away and give some love! Here’s her latest take on the cheap shot artist we have for Governor here in this ‘golden state’. Schwarzenegger is a liar and Debra calls him on it there. And not for the first time.

I close this post with my current favorite quote:

‘We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.’ —Thomas Jefferson

All you need to do is ask yourself? Am I going to participate. 

Well, are you?

I, A.Citizen, wrote this.


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