The difference is life or death…..

Conrad Burns….ya heard of him? He was one of Jack Abramov’s best buds. He’s Senator from Montana. He’s a lying, thieving, scumbag of a ReThug whom I am willing to bet even his mom don’t have much use for. And guess what Jon Tester, whom I’ve mentioned before, is cleaning his clock. Check out the play-by-play…. can you dig it? Jon Tester a farmer from the ranchlands of Montana is kicking one of the leading Scumlicans right out of Congress!

It can be done.

We will do it together.

Drive the Republican Party the Party of Corruption, Treason and Death into the sea!

Visit our ActBlue page and help Jon and the rest you find there take the first step towards taking back our country.

Taking back the Congress of the United States.


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