Republicans: Do as I Say Not as I Do

Party of Perverts

Well, it’s official… the Republican Party is officially the Party of Perverts and Those Who Would Protect Said Perverts.

Yeah, the Dems had a scandal not too long ago in which a prominent official was outed as gay when it was discovered that he was having an affair with another man. Even further back, there was the whole Monica thing. And there have been several cases throughout history in which other Dems were found to be cheating on their wives with other women. Not to be underdone, Republicans have cheated plenty – on their wives I mean (we all know they cheat at other stuff too) by some counts three times as often as Democrats.

But we are talking about grown men and women… grown-ups that are fully able to legally and responsibly make decisions about their sex lives – as immoral or embarrassing as they may be. These days, however, Republicans seem to prefer to hit on underage boys. Furthermore, those Republicans that are not actually illegally and immorally hitting on underage kids seem to be PROTECTING those that are!

Worse yet, Rep. Foley who has allegedly been hitting on his 16 year old male pages, led the Congressional charge against such predatory behavior towards children. If that isn’t a case of hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.

I love this quote from Stephen Elliott: Mark Foley is a sad, sick individual and I’m not capable of feeling sympathy for those that prey on the young so I won’t pretend to. Frankly, I know too many people that have never recovered after becoming victims to people like Mr. Foley. But beyond all of that is his ignorance, the fact that he would leave a paper trail straight to his congressional office- he is also a symbol of everything wrong with a Republican Party that has rotted from within.”

Then there is this zinger from same casting the Faux News Channel in a revealing light amidst this timely scandal: “Fox News is more concerned with protecting the Republican Party than the serious issue of sexual predators preying on our children.”

So what I take from this disgraceful example of arrogance and hypocrisy is that the GOP (Greasy Old Perverts?) lies pretty much about EVERY thing they do. EVERY word that comes out of a Republican mouth is a lie that is disguising a horrible truth behind it.  To be honest, I was kinda thinking that already, but now there can be no doubt.
When a Republican says s/he wants to help the poor, I interpret that to mean that they want to rape the poor. When a Republican says s/he wants to protect children, I interpret that to mean that they want to molest helpless teenagers and babies. When a Republican says s/he wants to protect Americans from harm, I interpret that to mean that they want to plunder the country’s budget by giving away billion’s of dollars to their corporate pals via no-bid contracts while Americans lose life and limb half way around the world in a barren desert land where no one – not even the media – can see what is really going on.

Republicans are all a bunch of lying, hypocritical, fear-mongering, gluttonous, sociopathic, fascist, racist, hating motherfuckers. That’s what I think.

– Tekstone


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