Oct. 5th Day of Mass Resistance

On October 5, 2006 people everywhere will walk out of school, take off work, and come to the downtowns & townsquares and set out from there, going through the streets and calling on many more to join us – making a powerful statement: “NO! THIS FACSIST BUSH REGIME DOES NOT REPRESENT US! AND WE WILL DRIVE IT OUT!”

There is only one demonstration planned in Oakland:

6:30 – 7:30
Piedmont Avenue and 41st Street
Meet under the clock tower at 6:30

Bring placards, candles, guitars, bring your kids…

Around 6:45 pm or 7 pm we’ll walk down Piedmont Avenue and back up, past all the restaurants, and back to the clock tower. This is the only community in Oakland, so far, with any sort of demonstration scheduled — come out and join your neighbors.



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