Joe Liebermann ‘Friend’ to the Pederasts Who Roam the Halls of Congress

joe at prayer.jpg I am not going to blog, today at least, on the Foley catastrophe which has thrown the light of exposure on the cockroaches of the ReThuglican party. You can read about it here, and here, and here and even here. I just cannot WAIT to here ‘The Decider’ answer questions about that last linked story. Yeah, I know he never will. What’s he gonna say: ‘Love the one yer with’?

These folks are doing a good job covering this total meltdown of the Republican ‘leadership’ in the House of Representatives. I leave in in their good hands for a few more days until the first ex-page comes forward with the story about how Foley penetrated him in every orifice. I expect that young man to be about 25 years old. Foley’s been in office for 12 years so…..

Nope, I wanna talk about my good friend Joe the Losermann. He still leads Ned Lamont in CT but the poll trend lines show Lamont coming on strong. Since The Losermann lacks any boots on the ground for GOTV I believe he’s in big trouble.

As well he should be. This is the pious scold who stood up on the floor of the Senate and viliified Bill Clinton for his affair with Monica. Now Holy Joe had a right to his opinion of Bill’s actions, we all do, but using the Senate floor to attack a member of his party for what in retrospect is apparent was a foolish and self-destructive act is something else.

Dante had a place for those corrupt politicians who use their power to pull down those who represented the better instincts of humanity. It was the eighth circle of Hades. Where the fucking hypocrites burn in everlasting flame. Why do I say Clinton is a better man than Joe?

Maybe because Clinton tried to do something about the health-care crisis in this nation while Joe just collects cash from Big Pharma.

Maybe because Clinton tired to do something about Osama bin Laden while Joe says that: ‘We criticise the President in time of war at our peril….’ We sure do with fascist enablers like you Joe failing to vote for….well anything that matters to the citizenry’s well-being.

Maybe because Clinton empathised with the poor, the hard-up, the workers of his nation. People forget…man do they forget. That’s why he was targeted by the vile Reptiles of the Right not because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. But because he threatened their masters Corporate Amerika. Republicans have a somewhat worse problem; they like to do it with children. Joe…hell Joe could care less about Democrats or Republicans, as they will soon learn if he is elected. Joe is all about Joe and nobody else.

As far as Joe is concerned well… He’s never said a word about what Republican Representative Mark Foley did to the 10th graders the Republican supervised House page program allowed him unlimited, unsupervised access to. After all these boys would never need the ‘morning after’ pill so ‘Rape Gurney’ Joe is so, so concerned about. So Joe didn’t care.

Joe just looked the other way. As he has so many times when the Reptiles of the Republican Party have allowed their bestiality to escape the holier-than-thou facade they use to deceive the citizens about what they really are: Candidates for political extinction.

What is all this in aid of? I’ll be blunt: Getting you off yer ass and over to Ned Lamont’s website where you can help and it does not have to me money you give. The Lamontians have some very cool web-based tools for your use to help convince CT voters that:

Joe must Go! 

I, A.Citizen, humbly ask? What are you waiting for? This is it! 


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