You are nasty ‘Partisan’ if you don’t like 10th Graders jacking off with Congressmen….Says Joe Liebermann.

Uh-huh Joe…right….

I gotta questions fer ya Joe: What fucking planet do you live on?

Oh, silly, silly me you live on BushWorld. Where it’s partisan to ask what the Republican Caucus was doing while Mark Foley jacked off during a floor vote while IMing an underage page. While Mark Foley was ‘treating’ underage male pages to expensive steakhouse dinners and plying them with booze.

Yeah, Joe I know…I know Foley was merely ‘mentoring’ those kids. Say, Joe do you mentor the young male pages. Has anyone asked you that question for the record. I think someone should.

As usual Ned Lamont nails it:

“The fact that Joe Lieberman says calling for Hastert’s resignation is too `partisan’ demonstrates that he’s been in Washington so long that he can’t recognize the difference between what’s right and what’s partisan.”

Nancy Pelosi had this to say:

‘This is an issue, though, that just highlights so clearly the fact that they don’t play by the rules…’

and then this:

‘What could have been going through their heads, where they have an over-50-year-old man making these overtures to a kid’ who was under the responsibility of Congress, Pelosi asked. ‘They chose not to address it.’

Nancy as usual is too polite for her and our good. ‘They’ didn’t address it because they wanted to retain power. Retain power so they would not have to face the accounting the people of America through their agents the ‘Democrat’ Party are demanding and soon will have when they take both the House and the Senate.

People are gonna go to jail Joe.

Frankly, I think your relationships with the pages should be closely examined. You sound much what I would imagine a sexual predator would sound ‘hearing footsteps’ in the growing Foley affair.

Well, Joe…got anything to say for yourself?

I, A.Citizen, posted this.


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