Can you see the difference between these guys and ‘Rape Gurney’ Liebermann?

Watch this video of General Wesley Clarke and Ned Lamont.

Now compare it with the video of ‘Rape….’ Joe Liebermann in my previous post. Can you see the difference?

No, no I’m not alluding to ‘Rape Gurney’ Joe’s apologist stance vs. ‘Jelly-Ass’ Hastert and his screwed up attempt at covering up for Mark ‘Measure for me’ Foley’s ten year campaign to bone as many Congressional pages as he could.

That’s not what caught my attention.

Look, look at what’s going on each video.

‘Rape….’ Joe is pontificating to the lapdog press about his bogus ‘partisan’ bullshit take on ‘Measure for me’ Foley. He expects to use the megaphone of the corporate scum who own the media in this country to undercut and drown out the facts of this latest example of ReFuck ‘family values’.

Ned Lamont? Wes Clarke?

They are sitting down and talking to parents in CT. Taking questions and participating in a discussion with the citizens of that great state.

Something ‘Rape…’ Joe don’t do.

Something ‘Rape…’ Joe don’t know how to do.

Something the Party of Pederasts…the Republican Party the Party of Corruption, Treason and Death does not do because they don’t care.

They don’t care about you.

They don’t care about your children.

They don’t care about a gotdamn thing except ‘gettin’ paid’.

Now, I got a question for you?

What do you care about?  Do you care that ‘Rape….’ Joe Liebermann is trying to get himself re-elected so he can continue to support Bush’s illegal, immoral war in Iraq? A war where over 20 American soldiers died this weekend?

Sure can’t tell that from the state of our ActBlue Page…. A pathetic amount of money has been pledged by the, admittedly very few, readers of this blog.

In all seriousness this is it folks. If we don’t knock ‘Rape….’ Joe to the ground and deny him re-election our hopes for a better nation will be dashed.

Joe must go! Please do what you can financially and visit Lamont’s website here to see how you can help in other ways.

If not now? When?

I, A.Citizen, posted this plea for action


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