PBS Special on ‘Clean Elections’

This Friday night (and for the rest of this month), PBS’s acclaimed national news magazine NOW will air a special on California’s Proposition 89 and the national movement for clean elections. PBS bills the show as “A special hour-long investigation into the ‘Clean Elections’ movement, a fight to keep American elections free and fair across the country.” Be sure to watch the show and let others know about it.

Here is the local Oakland listing of dates and times.

In announcing the upcoming show, titled “Can Clean Elections Save Our Democracy?” PBS notes that: “The run-up to this year’s midterm election smells of scandal and corruption. From the $90,000 found in Rep. Jefferson’s freezer to the scandal-tied resignation and indictment of Rep. Tom Delay, a question emerges: Can anyone stop the influence of Big Money on political campaigns?” “Votes for Sale?” will spotlight the so-called Clean Elections movement. It may not only help clean up politics, but also open the door for more average Americans to run for office and win.

watch a preview:

Working group meetings of volunteers are coming up in San Francisco, Oakland, Irvine, Palo Alto, Corte Madera, and Rohnert park in the next few days to plan local activities for Prop 89. Check the 89now events page for more details.

Phone banking is happening Sunday through Thursday in Los Angeles, Glendale, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Clara, Sacramento, and San Diego. Check the 89now phone bank page for times and places.


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