Let’s help Joe Liebermann go to Jail!

If yer comin’ from our other site you need no introduction to what’s up with Joe ‘Liarman’ Liebermann in the CT Senate race. If not then check this out and come back to take some meaningful action to boot the ‘Liarman’ in his goolies.

What to do…what to do…well you could….

Clik here to sign a petition asking the Attorney General of Conneticut to investigate Joe the Liarmann’s actions in this affair.

Yeah, that petition is on Ned Lamont’s site. What’s that you say? He’s supposed to lay down and let Joe ‘Liarmann’ piss in his face cause Joe’s a buddy of Karl Rove and George W. Bush?

I can say that having talked with Ned that….

That ain’t gonna happen!

What should happen is Ned Lamont should be elected to the Senate. But, thanks to the ‘Democrat’ Party ‘leadership’ bailing on Ned’s campaign the issue is in doubt.


I ask you…

Are you ready to take some action to send ‘Torture Room’ Joe packing?

If so, go here………

There’s plenty to do and it does not all require that you give money. Some of your time and energy would be a big help.

You do have some of that to spare to put this country back on track again.

Do you not?




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