Do you think that the government shouldn’t ‘do’ science?

The Republicans don’t think so. They could care less about your cousin who has multiple sclerosis or your father with Alzheimer’s disease.

Do something about it this Nov. 7.



3 Responses to Do you think that the government shouldn’t ‘do’ science?

  1. rxwhite says:

    Just curious, but why does the group who produced this video hide its whois behind a proxy registration?

    Regardless, careful with your generalizations.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    Will try and find out about the proxy whois. I note yours is a corporate one.

    As to my ‘generalizations’…WTF? Are you implying that the Republican’s as a whole care about anything other than fostering a sick theology, see ‘Pastor Ted’, marginalizing those citizens who are not white, protestant and well-off, exporting their jingoist vision of one-world subservient to America’s every whim, and rolling back the Enlightenment so that we can all live in a world based on ‘faith’?

    I’d appreciate a little more clarity from you on this before I really get into what is wrong with Republicans and by extension our entire national discourse.

    Until then thanks for the interest.

  3. tekstone says:

    Jeebus, man! We are all about generalizations! For example: “Republicans are fascist motherfuckers who should all be exterminated and their wealth distributed to the poor.” If you don’t like it, I suggest you move on to more politically correct venues.

    What a maroon!

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