The Walls Start to Close in on BuschCo’s Crimes Against Humanity

spies1.jpg The Europeans have had enough and led by the Germans they are moving to bring Bush and his cabal of vicious hyenas to justice. I have been talking about this with tekstone and Malcontent for months; generally to a chorus of ‘you’re nuts…never happen…etc. Well, it sure looks like it’s going to happenand pretty soon too. I wonder if John Woo or ‘Abu’ Gonzales have noticed or if they are still living in Kool-Aide Land.

To me there is no question but that Bush and his crew are war criminals. They attacked another nation with no U.N. sanction and for no reason. No reason based on anything real. This is a war crime in and of itself. And disobeying Godwin’s Law, something we in the blogosphere need to realize is not a crime when it comes BushCo.’s actions for the simple reason that they are, in fact, fascists. I compare this U.S. action straight up to Hitler’s invasion of Poland. And I defy any mouth-breather of the Reich Wing noise machine to show me where I am wrong.

It will be interesting indeed the next time Rumsfeld or even Bush needs to go to Europe. They may very well be subject to arrest. The European’s, having spent most of their history making war on each other take the pohibition against attacking other countries very seriously. And, I don’t really think they’ve forgotten this.

I, A.Citizen, look forward to justice being done.

Flash Update: I want to thank Chicago Dyke at Corrente for leading me to the link about the Germans preparing to presecute Rumsfeld.


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