Work Your Phone for Freedom! has set up a phone bank for you to use to help. You can reach anywhere in the nation with this outstanding tool. Clik on this link and take action!

I, A.Citizen, urge you to help the Democrats take back the House and Senate.


2 Responses to Work Your Phone for Freedom!

  1. I recommend that you call on behalf of your local Democratic Party instead. will turn off a lot of people because of the scandal about it welcoming racist, anti-Semitic, anti-Catholic, and anti-Evangelical hate speech on its Action Forum. By hate speech I do not mean criticism of, for example, Israeli policies or pro-life politics but actual slurs directed at Jews, Blacks, Catholics, and Evangelical Christians.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    Well, you are entitled to your opinion…at least until you contradict ‘The Decider’ whereupon you might find that habeas corpus is more than ‘quaint’ as I’m sure Mr. Gonzales considers it.

    I rather doubt your assertion of MoveOn’s ant-semitism etc. as I have found in the past that ‘folks’ who post to their blog stuff titled: ‘Kerry lied, good men died…’ are generally in need of a tin-foil hat.

    As always. we here at BRAG welcome dialogue but it would be for the better if you could document your assertion rather than base it on ‘faith’.

    We are not ‘believers’ like Pastor Ted; that well-known evangelical who has so recently been in the news.

    He was unconcerned with ‘facts’ and look where that got him.

    In conclusion, I have worked with on several occasions and the people I met were Americans concerned about our nation and the direction it has taken. Not anti-semites, not racists, not anti-Catholic nor anti-evangelical. Whatever that last means. Just Americans execising their freedom to affect the political process. So, I am afraid I am going to have to go with what I know from personal experience as opposed to your opinion.

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