The VFW Shows its True GOP Colors

Instead of supporting a veteran of the Iraq conflict who lost both legs fighting in the US military, the Veterans of Foreign Wars has decided to endorse a candidate who has never worn the uniform and never fought for the US military.


Tammy Duckworth IS a fucking veteran of a foreign war.  Would seem to me to be a no-brainer that an organization made up of and set up to support veterans of foreign wars would support her in her bid to repersent Illinois’ 6th Congressional District… especially since her opponent has no military experience and is a member of the Party that does nothing for veterans except send them back into active duty over and over again and cut their medical services when they return home.

If you are outraged enough to give the VFW a piece of your mind, here is their contact info.

Then visit Tammy’s website to show her your $upport!

– Tekstone


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