Time to ‘Take Out the Trash’.

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One of the sources of conflict in my family when I was growing up revolved around taking out the trash. This was the plastic pail under the kitchen sink where all the gross leftovers, until the advent of the garbage disposals, were placed pending removal to the city trash can. Were the stuff went after that nobody ever thought about.

I can still hear my mother telling my dad that I had not taken out the trash. The trash had to be removed fairly often or there would be a very foul odor in the kitchen in short order. Thus my dad would be right there rumbling to me that I had better, ‘Take out the trash right away’ or I would regret not doing it.

All very interesting you say but, so what?

So…the following:

We in the blogosphere, the lefty areas anyway, have been detecting a foul odor emanating from D.C. for some time. Ever since Governor Dean’s campaign was so effectively sabotaged to let the ‘more competitive’ Senator John Kerry run. That didn’t turn out so well did it.

Ever since then ‘strange’ things have continued to happen. Such as a surprising lack of any support from ‘Democrats’ for Busby’s campaign to take a suddenly competitive seat in CA-50.

The same thing has happened to Jerry McNerney in CA-11. I guess us folks in California don’t matter too much to the head-in-the-sanders back East.

If you’ve read the links I’ve provided you will hear the voices of people who want to give the voters what they so desperately are asking for. Real change. Now this would appear to be as the fat sock-puppet Cheney, who he is a sock-puppet for is material for another post, a ‘no-brainer’ but it is not and the reasons for this are not for those with a weak stomach nor for those who believe that the coming Democratic majority in one or both houses of Congress will solve our problems. The odds are they will not.

Here is what the self-styled ‘architect’ of the predicted change in the House has to say about how, why and who is responsible for the rise in the Democratic Party’s ‘fortunes’. He quite deliberately says nothing about the rise of the netroots, ActBlue, dKos or any of the ‘people powered politics’ which have a lot more to do with what the polls say will happen on Nov. 7th than anything Rahm and his coterie of Republican lite sycophants did or even thought was possible. Worse yet Mr. Emmanuel  gives life to that old Who tune ‘Won’t Get Fooled Again’, folks in my generation remember it real, real well. Particularly the lines:

‘Meet the new boss, Same  as the old boss.’  

So Rahm Emmanuel is about what you’d expect a Illinois machine politician to be. With Governor Dean at the DNC we at least have someone who understands what the word principle means. But Mr. Emmanuel is not alone in the so-called ‘leadership’ of  the Democratic Party who really have no interest in representing  the citizens of this nation. These ‘folks’ are beholden to the same corporate interests as the ReThuglicans are. The only difference is that they haven’t let the Fundie Fools get their hooks in.


We have The Hill who, given that her last name is Clinton, feels that she should be calling the shots. Question there is…for who? Well, not much of a question really. Here is a post of those who didn’t feel moved to visit CT to support Ned Lamont the friking Democratic Party nominee! They don’t know it but the DLC creatures who felt they could get away with this are going to hear from us and in the words of ‘The Idiot’ very, very soon.

Here’s how Nancy Pelosi ‘supports’ the democratic nominee in CT. She makes herself ‘trash’ with this little gem.

Bonddad over at dKos has this to say about the ‘state of play’ in the blogosphere in these last few days before the election. What I am trying to talk about in this post is being discussed on those blogs which concern themselves with trying to influence the political process and indeed the folks working there have done so regardless of the actual outcome on the 7th.

The essential question is: ‘How do we do it?’

How can the netroots use the blogosphere and the other political apparatus of the party structure available to it to achieve our goal. I propose we use a technique Jerome a Paris used to create his program to ‘Energise America’. That link is to a meta-post which will lead you to a whole lot of information about what Jerome was working on. If you are serious about doing something to help progressive policy thrive in this country take the time to read through those posts. Pay special attention to those which bear on how Jerome used dKos to create his Energise America plan integrating the comments from each of his posts into the it. HIs pland to reduce the nation’s dependency on oil is great stuff on it’s own. I believe the way he created it is a model for my plan to ‘Take out the Trash’.

After you’ve done your homework get back here and give us your thoughts on what can and should be done to keep the likes of Pelosi, Hillary, Emmanuel and the other ‘Trash Democrats’ from derailing our progressive movement. 

The real fight for our nation’s character and good name starts on November 8th, 2006 That’s when you and I and the rest of the netroots must be prepared to halt the ‘Trash Dems’ in their tracks and….

‘Take Out the Trash!’

I, A.Citizen, say ‘better get ready…there’s a train a comin’ and it don’t wait for nobody…’

From Chris Bowers at MyDD here’s some more food for thought.



2 Responses to Time to ‘Take Out the Trash’.

  1. Robert Maier says:

    Snarky insults and arrogant bloviating won’t get you very far. You sound like you’re trying to resurrect Maoism. Exactly what actions are you undertaking besides writing a lot of bs. Are you in Iraq or Afghanistan, or Pakistan? Have you sponsored an Iraqi refugee in your home? Are you sending cash to support an Iraqi family? Have you joined the US military to counteract its bad elements? Have you gone to nursing school and moved to Afghanistan to run a health clinic?

    Or are you are you spending a lot of time in the bars yelping about how smart you are and how stupid everything else is, and and what an activist you are, and therefore people should buy you more drinks and the cutest fawn-eyed co-ed should take you home for the night?

    Do something and don’t insinuate that you are up to such big things that you can’t really discuss it with anybody.

  2. A.Citizen says:


    ‘Bad things….’ and what would they be when they are at home, homer? Cannot see what the real problem here is pal. Maybe you’re just tired from all that volunteer work the Afghan health clinic?

    And no I haven’t sponsored any Iraqi refugee in my home as BushCo. won’t let any of them into the country.

    Please remove your head from your rectum and get yourself some air.

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