The Enlightenment will now continue…Republicans have been sent back to their Priest holes…

huygens1.jpgWith the new Democratic majorities in both houses Americans can begin to recover from the assaults of the know-nothings in the Republican Cult of Ignorance. As has been discussed by many in the blogosphere key committee chairs will change hands, for the better, some of these will greatly affect how the government supervises the science research we, the people, fund. At the state level the ‘Intelligent’ design whackjobs are on the run. Apparently ‘folks’ don’t want their children taught a lot of garbage that will put them at a disadvantage with respect to the Europeans, Indians and Chinese. This is very good news indeed as is the fact that 2008 looks to make Congress even more blue if we in the netroots keep working for a more progressive America, as we will, which should be good for science. But all is not clear skies some committee chairs might not, shall we say, be the best for open, progressive science and technology here in the country that has led the world and needs to continue that leadership if our economy is to be able to provide for our countries future.

The mouthbreathers of the Red States are back on their heels but they will be back on the attack with their banner of ignorance  raised high. But we are ready for them. Science beat them back in the 1700s in the very act of being born and although I had thought that war won George W. Bush’s hysterical attacks on science and rational discourse indicates there are still battles to be fought.

So be it.

I and others here will be keeping  you posted on what is happening in Congress and the rest of our society as best we can regarding science, technology and the education our citizens, both young and old, need to understand and use these essential tools. Tools humanity needs to make the long trek to a future  where there is no hunger, no thirst, no want for shelter.

For me that’s what being a progressive is all about.

Marching to that future.

Flash Update: dKos has more…….

The picture is an artist’s rendition, not Bush’s, of the interplanetary probe Huygens touching down on Titan.


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