Justice for the 600,000 Iraqi Dead Is On The Way.

Time magazine reports that Donald Rumsfeld will be indicted for war crimes. As I posted here this case has been brewing for some time. As I have stated loudly and publicly to for over two years what the Bush administration has done in Iraq and it’s bogus ‘War on Terror’ is patently illegal no matter what it’s tame seals ‘Abu’ Gonzales and John ‘WaterBoard Their Ass’ Woo have argued. Indeed as this passage from the Time story indicates Mr. Gonzales might be ‘visiting’  Berlin soon:

Along with Rumsfeld, Gonzales and Tenet, the other defendants in the case are Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Stephen Cambone; former assistant attorney general Jay Bybee; former deputy assisant attorney general John Yoo; General Counsel for the Department of Defense William James Haynes II; and David S. Addington, Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff. Senior military officers named in the filing are General Ricardo Sanchez, the former top Army official in Iraq; Gen. Geoffrey Miller, the former commander of Guantanamo; senior Iraq commander, Major General Walter Wojdakowski; and Col. Thomas Pappas, the one-time head of military intelligence at Abu Ghraib.

or maybe he’ll just be shipped straight to Scheveningen


BubbleBrain and Pigboy have screwed themselves yet again. Throwing Rummy the Dummy under the bus to distract the Democrats could, could prove to be the biggest tactical error they’ve made yet. Yeah, I know…I know the bar is very high.


How big a font do you think the New York Times, newly on board the anti-war wagon will use to tell the citizens of the United States of America that much of that part of the government charged with defending us against the attacks of Osama bin Laden, Kim Il Sung and the rest of the ‘enemies of democracy’ are no better than those Fascists who served Hitler.

I’d say at least as big as the one they used for 9/11.

And I do think that the American people will care about this. I think they are sick of what Bush and his pack of jackals and hyenas have done out of fear and political calculation.

Understand me here. I am pumped up that this is happening because this is what should happen in a just world. A world with many problems, more vile sick humans doing harm to each other than you can count, and no attention being paid to the destruction of our planet’s ability to support life itself, a world were we must act together to reverse the slide to moral and physical extinction those such as Rumsfeld and the rest listed have done so much to accelerate. A world from which I want to see sick killers such as Rumsfeld removed

I will admit that when this desire of the American people comes to pass I will be doing cartwheels in the streets.

Until then I will be pleased that at least some of those responsible for the vile acts done in my name by my government are going to face judgment.

I truly hope Mr. Rumsfeld enjoys his stay in jail.

It’s liable to last the rest of his life.


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