Al Qaida’s True Agenda Revealed… Finally

In a statement recently released by Al Qaida, we learned that they won’t stop “until the White House is destroyed.”  Finally, we get a clear explanation of the Al Qaida agenda.  It is not to destroy “our way of life” because they “hate our freedom.”

They basically have a grudge against our government – one would assume for their acts of aggression and callousness toward the people and countries of the Middle East.  No doubt they even have a beef with NGO’s that, under the veil of US protection, wreak havoc on local communities, environment and economies in their pursuit of resources, power and wealth.

So I say to you, America: Do NOT believe the framing of the “War on Terror” as explained by the Bush administration.  They are trying to deflect their own culpability in the actions of Al Qaida.  Through the smoke and mirrors of blame and fear, the Bush administration has shifted the focus of blame off of themselves and the “Dark Side of Capitalism”.

With this new perspective given to us directly from the horse’s mouth, we can see their whole approach to the so-called “War on Terror” including the disasterous war in Iraq as totally disingenuous and dysfunctional.

So do not believe this government when they say that Al Qaida wants to harm Americans at large or that they hate our freedom.  Because, according to their own admission, Al Qaida is driven by the mean-spirited and destructive acts of our government itself.  Why else would they stop what they are doing only when “the White House is destroyed?”

– Tekstone


7 Responses to Al Qaida’s True Agenda Revealed… Finally

  1. Ed says:

    If al-Qa’ida didn’t want to harm Americans at large you’d have thought they’d have refrained from crashing airliners full of them into buildings full of them.

  2. tekstone says:

    Al Qaida hasn’t officially claimed responsibility for the 9/11 incidents as far as I am aware. Do you know something I don’t?

  3. Ed says:

    Thanks. But what’s the relevance of whether or not they’ve officially claimed responsibility? And why have you linked me to a conspiracy theory website? Either way, being as Bin Laden has openly called for the killing of American citizens it’s somewhat academic.

  4. tekstone says:

    First of all, if Al Qaida is not responsible for 9/11, then your premise at the outset is plain false. Second, if wanting answers to questions that bear significant relevance to the issue is ‘conspiracy theory’, then I wish there were a whole lot more ‘conspiracy theorists’ out there. Brushing aside these questions as ‘conspiracy’ is a fine way to keep your head in the sand – if that’s your thing. I personally would rather know what really happened – even if it ends up implicating our own government. Our government – and its various intelligence/military organizations – have used false flag operations throughout history, so why wouldn’t you at least consider the possibility that this ‘new pearl harbor’ is another one? Yeah, the people who now run our government have written and signed statements bemoaning the fact they they really want a ‘new pearl harbor.’ They got into power, and they got it. Finally, extremist Islam groups call for the death of many peoples – especially when they see those peoples as supporting their enemies (Israel?) and establishing hostile political/corporate/military presence in their homeland without the consent of the people. We Americans aren’t the only ones that they have a beef with. We just think we are so important, that “how dare them!” We’ll show them! How dare they have extremist reactionary feelings toward our extremist imperial desires! We have the right to ruin anyone’s life we want to… we’re special Americans. The more you go around treating people like shit, the more extreme the reactions are going to be, Ed. Maybe it’s time to look inward and hold those responsible for all this crap accountable.

  5. Ed says:

    In short,

    You claimed that al-Qa’ida doesn’t want to harm Americans at large. And that’s false. I’m not going to debate conspiracy theories with you though.

    Thanks for your time.

  6. tekstone says:

    My point, to clarify, is that Al Qaida didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Hey! I hate Americans for their Democratic freedoms and fun-loving Western ways! I think I’ll start killing those freedom-loving citizens of the US!”

    They are reacting to atrocious behaviors and grievous offenses committed against their people in their land in our name by our government and NGO’s such as Halliburton, Chevron and the like. Why you ask? Because of the copious amounts of Oil that lies underneath their soil no doubt.

    That being said, they are probably wondering why we, the citizenry of our great experiment of a democracy, are allowing our government and corporations to commit these heinous wanton acts. They probably don’t realize that most of us are completely UNaware that these horrible machinations are going on, harming, depriving and insulting these ancient cultures on the other side of the globe.

    So, they lash out the only way they know how. We call that terrorism. They call it an eye for an eye. I believe that Al Qaida doesn’t have a problem with the American way of life or our love of liberty and democracy. They probably wouldn’t want to harm an innocent American trying to raise a family by working hard and doing the best he/she can. But if this American is working hard for Halliburton, raping their country of resources, they are, in effect taking food out of the mouths of those people that happen to live in that region, and naturally will become the target of vengance.

    So, Ed, if you have a problem with Al Qaida wanting to harm Americans, I suggest you ask your own government: “Why the fuck are they mad at me? What the fuck have you been doing to piss them off?” Then maybe you’ll start getting to the real heart of the issue. Then maybe you’ll understand why these dirt-poor peole with no army and no representation are trying to fight the richest, most powerful nation in the world the only way they can.

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