What the Democrats Need Now: Smarts and Spine.

The Democrats advance to destroy the fascists who would enslave us! We need to help them.Some say that now that the electorate has spoken, and in quite clear terms, that the ‘wisdom’ of the ‘sane’ and ‘responsible’ will now be listened to. Those of us who have been paying attention the last 40 years know this is not the case. ‘President Death’ has absolutely no intention of changing course. If you doubt this assertion read this, or this or this.

Here’s a quote from NO QUARTER an blog whose author know whereof he speaks. He was in the CIA for many years. I’ve met him and his is one solid individual. His guest blogger, of whom I know little but applying the dKos mantra allows me to vouch for her, had this to say today:

Glenn Greenwald’s book is titled, How Would a Patriot Act? Defending American Values from a President Run Amok. It is described by its publisher thusly:

Glenn Greenwald was not a political man. Not liberal, not conservative. Politicians were all the same and it didn’t matter which party was in power. Extremists on both ends canceled each other out … Then came September 11, 2001. Greenwald’s disinterest in politics was replaced by patriotism, and he supported the war in Afghanistan. He also gave President Bush the benefit of the doubt over his decision to invade Iraq.

But, as he saw Americans and others being disappeared, jailed and tortured, without charges or legal representation, he began to worry. And when he learned his president had seized the power to spy on American citizens on American soil, without the oversight required by law, he could stand no more.

At the heart of these actions, Greenwald saw unprecedented and extremist theories of presidential power, theories that flout the Constitution and make President Bush accountable to no one, and no law. … [He] should inspire a nation to defend the Constitution from a president who secretly bestowed upon himself the powers of a monarch.

It’s almost as if Glenn Greenwald has been “seancing” with Thomas Jefferson about those witches. Again:

“A little patience, and we shall see the reign of witches pass over, their spells dissolve and the people, recovering their true sight, restore their government to its true principles.”

—Thomas Jefferson, on the Alien & Sedition Act, June 4, 1798.

If you don’t know what the Alien and Sedition Act was…look it up. I think you will find that, indeed, there is nothing really new under the sun. As I was saying SusanUnPC passes the dKos test. She’s a hell of a poster and she has an instinct for the jugular.

There is  great deal of talk in the ReichWing about how Bush must ‘stand up to the treasonous Liberals’ those who love the IslamoFascists. Not content to have taken the nation into a hopeless situation in Iraq this ‘piece of human trash’ is intent on doing as much damage as he can here at home.  In an effort to protect himself and the cabal of criminal hyenas he has put in power here he has used the ‘Rubber Stamp’ Republican Congress repeatedly to shield himself and his co-conspirators from not only congressional oversight but even going so far as to make an attempt to protect his cabal from prosecution for breaking international law.

There is one significant thing that those I quote above do not have. The ability to do something to stop the lunatic Bush in his assault, using the idiotic maundering’s of Professor John Woo’s  bogus ‘unitary executive’ fantasy, on the Constitution. Bush seems deranged in his continuing denial of any sort of consensual reality that normal people recognize. Indeed ‘normal people’ have become so disenchanted with this dangerous fool that they voted his party out of power.


But the Corporatist push back has already begun. The ‘Stabbed in the Back‘ meme is being wheeled out one more time. The ‘Democrats are in disarray’ has already appeared and………

You’ll be thrilled to know that M.  Dowd that chronicler of the Clinton BJ is back on the case tracking down Speaker of the House Pelosi’s indiscriminate use of botox. I shit you not.

I say things will be different now. Yeah, yeah…’Spineless Dems’ and all that ReThug Noise Machine crap. Well how about this, or this, or this.


The Democrats, the black ones except for Obama and the women, are spoiling for a fight. But those with the spine and the smarts to actually take the fight to Bush need our help. There are still plenty of ‘centrist’ Democrats who didn’t get the message such as Clinton, Obama, Emmanuel and our old buddy Joey the Liarmann. It’s gonna be up to us in Left Blogistan to send that message loud and clear.

Here’s The Honorable Pelosi’s agenda. Can the twitering twat Dowd match that. Can you hear O’Lielly howling like the rabid dog he is. I can.

Let’s be ready to get behind the first Blogswarm that looks worth fighting for. And let’s kick some Bush, Cheney and ReThug butt.

I, A.Citizen, can hardly wait.


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