Weekend Movie Review


Borat is funny and edgy. It shows aspects of our American culture that a liberal blue-stater like me hates to admit exist, but sadly, they do… boy, and how. Seen through the eyes of a slightly naive (read ‘dim-witted’), sex-crazed, clumsy, affable, optimistic and antisemitic Kazakh, our great country reveals itself to be quite racist, sexist and homophobic – oh, yeah… and ignorant, intolerant and religiously whack-o. For all this plus the fact that Sacha Baron Cohen gives a flawless and hilarious performance, I give Borat a big thumbs up.

Fast Food Nation

I read the book a few years ago and loved it. Had to see the movie. Hated it. The acting is terrible! The characters are one-dimensional and annoying. The script is really preachy… really. There are a lot of great points that are made, and this is the kind of stuff that Americans need to learn more about. But I found this movie to be just plain insulting to my intelligence… no insulting to my humanity. As someone who appreciates the fine art of quality film-making, it was all I could do to keep from walking out. Seriously. It is bad. The cast (Bruce Willis, Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette and Greg Kinnear) is impressive enough to lead me to believe that the script and director must be to blame. If it weren’t for the scene at the end where they show how they slaughter cows with the blood and entrails sloshing down the production line, this movie would have NO redeeming qualities (the impact of viewing this is strong medicine and drives home an important point). Go read the book, but don’t waste your time with the movie. Thumbs down!

on DVD: An Inconvenient Truth

What can I say? Al Gore!! This movie, while preachy, is so well done and so sincere that I couldn’t help but love it. Gore is an inspiration and an eloquent spokesman. This movie reveals so much information about the facts surrounding the issue of global climate change in such a clear and convincing way. I wish Mr. Gore were living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. instead of the current criminal troglodyte. Please run again in 2008. I think this country is finally ready for you.

– tekstone


One Response to Weekend Movie Review

  1. superawesomestuff says:

    I couldn’t agree more about “Borat”. Never has incisive social criticism made me laugh so hard.

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