Populism Has Returned with a Vengeance.

Speak up so they can hear you!I’ve been reading a lot of David Sirota lately he’s returned to his home from CT where he worked on Lamont’s campaign quite a bit. He’s on fire now with posts about  ‘The Money Party vs. The People’s Party’ some inside looks at the Lamont campaign and the shameful way Big Dog, The Hill, Obama-your-Mama and even Feingold behaved in failing to support the Democratic nominee Ned Lamont against Joey the LiarMann, ‘The Last Honest Man’.But that’s the past and we gotta move on into what is now the future. David puts forth the thesis that the people, the citizenry as I call ’em, are leading the way in demanding change. Change in Iraq yes. But more importantly change in our society; in how the wealth all contribute to is apportioned or, yeah you guessed it, not. Here’s David:

Candidates all over the country talked about how corporate lobbyists have manipulated our trade policy to crush workers, our energy policy to harm consumers and our health care policy to hurt families. Polls show populism (a.k.a., challenging corporate economic power) is the “center” position for the voting public, even though it may not be the “center” position in a K-Street-owned Washington, D.C. Since the election, Washington’s elite have tried to deny progressives credit and to downplay a mandate that threatens their agenda. These revisionists say the election was about Democrats pretending to be Republicans, billing people like Virginia Senator-elect Jim Webb as a “conservative.” Yet here is what this “conservative” wrote in a Nov. 15 Wall Street Journal op-ed titled “Class Struggle”.

Webb said: 

The most important—and unfortunately the least debated—issue in politics today is our society’s steady drift toward a class-based system, the likes of which we have not seen since the 19th century. America’s top tier has grown infinitely richer and more removed over the past 25 years. … The top 1 percent now takes in an astounding 16 percent of national income, up from 8 percent in 1980. The tax codes protect them, just as they protect corporate America, through a vast system of loopholes.

If that is the new “conservative,” progressives won an even bigger victory than we thought. In my opinion David has the right of it. Jim Webb and Jon Tester are no-bullshit populists who didn’t work their butts off to get do D.C. to belly up to the corporate corruption trough. A hell of a lot of folks are in for some rude and uncivil behavior from Webb besides Preznint ButtHead and I think that is gonna be fine with Americans. As far as the mangy jackal George Will  and the rest of the  morons in the Gang of 500 bleating their tired, stale ‘ruling’ class propaganda…scum all of ’em. We in the blogosphere have got Webb’s back and we are talking about putting a bounty on you bow-tied AssClowns. David goes on to say:

This election, we also saw the potency of the Internet as a weapon. There is the myth circulating that Ned Lamont’s loss to Joe Lieberman in Connecticut was a loss for Internet organizing. This is utterly silly. The Lamont campaign, on which I worked as a political strategist, raised millions of dollars online and brought in thousands of volunteers through the Internet. Without the netroots, the Lamont candidacy never would have gotten off the ground in the first place. And he adds, and this is the point I want to emphasis heavily, that: Finally, movement progressives need to continue to see the Democratic Party as a means to an end—not an end unto itself. We need more candidates like Lamont—leaders who challenge lobbyists-in-Senator’s-clothing like Lieberman and consequently change the national debate on major issues like Iraq. We must also understand that in fighting these fights, we are going to lose more than we win. That is what happens when you challenge incumbents. But both the wins and the losses are important, because they all help build a movement that transcends any one election cycle.

People often want to know ‘what I am’ politically. I’m not a Green, I’m not a Libertarian, I sure ain’t no ReichWing AssClown. Nope, I’m a Progressive and that means I support progressive change through the political process. My vehicle of choice is the Democratic Party. That does not mean I’m a Democrat. It does mean that I hope with the work of outstanding thinkers and activists such as David Sirota, Markos Moulitas, Matt Stoller, Jane Hamscher, the Folks at Drinking Liberally, Malcontent, superamazingstuff, tekstone, meteor blades, and thousands of others embeded in Left Blogistan we are gonna take over the Democratic Party and help it recall it’s core values: 

Reward for those who work.

Education for those  who seek it.

Help for those who need it.

Protection for all from the warped minds who inflicted Iraq, Katrina and 9/11 on our nation and the world.

We need to keep the pressure on those who we elected to act as progressives and we need to get more folks from the progressive netroots elected. I will be posting about this a lot and there will be plenty of links to people who are deep in the political machinery which runs this nation to show you how your voice can be heard.

I, A.Citizen, promise you that.


One Response to Populism Has Returned with a Vengeance.

  1. al loomis says:

    the structure of america’s politics determines the possible outcomes. until you get an effective and accessible power of citizen-initiated referendum, your society is not a democracy and the decisions made will not benefit the majority, save by accident. the whole purpose of ‘representative democracy’ is to ensure that the people do not rule.

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