Meet the Populists!

On the campaign trailSherrod Brown the new Senator from Ohio was supported by the netroots and is one of the biggest wins of 2006. Having sent the lying Bush sycophant Mike deWine packing Senator Brown is ready to kick some corporate ass. Big time. This is the first in an ogoing series to let expose some of the newly elected Democrats whom we are all looking to for effective, honest government. As opposed the pack of lying scum we’ve started the eviction process on. Here’s some of what Christopher Hayes wrote about the Senator during his campaign:

There are two small but revealing items affixed to Ohio’s 13th District congressman Sherrod Brown. On his lapel, he wears not an American flag, but a pin of a yellow bird in a cage. On a Thursday morning in October, as we leave his office to walk to the Capitol for a committee meeting, Brown hands me a bookmark-sized slip of paper that explains: “The canary represents the struggle for economic and social justice.” It recounts how miners once took canaries into the mines so that when the birds died, they knew the air was too toxic to breathe. “Miners were forced to provide for their own protection. No mine safety laws. No trade unions able to help. No real support from their government. … It has been a 100-year battle between the privileged and the rest of us.”

Here are some quotes from his recent interview with Mother Jones:

MJ: What do you want to do on the Health and Education Committee 

SB: FDA reform — wrestling the agency away from drug company influence. In my 14 years in the House, I’ve seen a very good agency, the Food and Drug administration — one of the best public agencies in the world, frankly — turn into a shadow of itself because of drug company influence. I think the best way to fill the donut hole [the coverage gap in the Medicare drug benefit] is to negotiate drug prices. When you negotiate drug prices on behalf of 40 plus million beneficiaries, the donut hole begins to shrink.

Hmmm… imagine that. Use the power of the market, the Federal Government’s purchasing power, for the benefit of the consumer, or as I like to call him or her ‘the citizenry‘. The folks who made the legal, scientific and economic environment one in which Big Pharma can make a profit. Shorter version: Us. Senator Brown is an effective spokesman for progressive policy, simple and to the point.

MJ: How about trade?

SB: We will not give President Bush the kind of fast track authority he has had in the past. I have no doubt about that. The question is: what do [will] we do instead? The first option is “first, do no harm.” That means don’t pass trade agreements without environmental and labor standards, without food safety standards — trade agreements that continue to squeeze the middle class in this country and don’t help the working poor in [other countries]. Ultimately, I think [that] means renegotiating some of these trade agreements.

And put some provisions in them so other countries can’t use slave labor, deadly working conditions and rigged currency to destroy our manufacturing base. A base, by the way, which the rest of the world is gonna need when Global Warming and Peak Oil really start to bite.

I, A.Citizen, thought you’d like to learn a little about Senator Brown. I anticipate supporting him in his efforts to change this country. For the better….


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