Why the Impeachment of George W. Bush is Required.

The impeachment of Bush is a matter of some debate and conflict throughout the blogosphere. More than a few who call themselves ‘progressives’ give reasons why it should not be a priority for the incoming Democratic majority. The dread and horrible kos has said, in essence, we should not ‘waste our time…’ In my comment titled:

Who told you ‘we’ are in the majority?

Appended to the diary Listening to the Grownups  by One Pissed off Liberal at dKos I disagreed when I said the following:

I don’t see that yet. I’m a progressive now. Back in the 60s I was called a radical. I was for peace, love and understanding… America rejected that path. We are about greed, death and waste. The fact that Bush and Cheney are in office arises from the simple fact that they were elected. Not by much and maybe not quite. But…. Almost half the nation bought into their megalomaniac view of the world. Their ‘Empire’… The airwaves are full of the gross, warmongering rhetoric of the likes of Bill Kristol who is advocating a ‘permanent surge’ and you are speaking of ‘us’ being in control! There has been a culture ‘war’ going on for the last 40 years. Of this I can assure you for I’ve watched it happen. The slick packaged ‘pop’ culture, the mercantilist marketing of fundamentalism, the denigration of science and any sort of intellectualism in this country is exactly what we in the 60s stood against. Sadly, until now we’ve lost almost every battle. I will tell you this however, in my work with Drinking Liberally I am meeting more and more young people who are sick of the way things are. That’s encouraging. It’s not encouraging to see you pontificating about impeachment. We are locked in a battle with people who will use any weapon to advance their racist, jingoist, corporatist agenda. I say it’s stupid to take impeachment ‘off the table’. It emboldens the President and convinces the rest of the ReichWing that all they have to do wait us out. Sometimes you have to destroy before you can do ‘constructive’ things. This is one of those times. That said I agree that starting with investigations is the right tactical move. Strategically Impeachment of Bush and Cheney and their removal from office is the only way we will carve their misdeeds into the rock of history. It’s the only path towards redeeming this nation’s commitment to justice and democracy. It’s a start on the road to remedying, in so far as we can, the horrific things we’ve done to the Iraqi people in the service of a man whose name will live in infamy as a vile murderer of the innocent. George W. Bush. Our President. My President. Your President. Yep, he’s yours. As is everything he’s done in our name. Unless we impeach him. All talk of being ‘constructive’ is pointless until justice is served for without justice we cannot live together in society with any assurance of peace and harmony. Without justice we live in the world Bush and Cheney inhabit. Where every man’s hand is turned against another. I’ve had more than my fill of that. Haven’t you? Impeachment is a requirement if our society is to remain one governed by the rule of law. No other argument is needed nor required to make this action incumbent on both houses of congress and, indeed, both political parties.

Much less we in the blogosphere.

I, A.Citizen, will defend this proposition against all comers.


One Response to Why the Impeachment of George W. Bush is Required.

  1. tekstone says:

    i totally agree.

    if Bush/Cheney can get away with their despicable criminal actions, then that sends a message to future politicians that they too, will be able to ignore our Constitution, sacrifice the well-being of the majority for the profit of the few, and take this country down a dark path that leads to fascism, totalitarianism and murderous empire.

    if Bush/Cheney can get away with their arrogant, self-serving, criminal behaviors, what is to stop me and my fellow citizens from thinking that we can also behave in a reckless, wanton, immoral and criminal manor?

    our leaders are supposed to set the example for us to follow. if Bush/Cheney get away with their unprecedented and flagrant violations of the constitution and international law…

    can I then break the law whenever I deem it convenient and/or profitable?

    that is the message you send the world if you do NOT impeach these horrible criminals.

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