in response to reich-winger Mick Gregory

Innitially, Mr. Gregory responded to one of my posts with some generic slam on the ‘Progressive’ ideals and goals. He was, of course full of crap. I wish I cared enough at the time to save his words and my response. My response to his response can be found here.

He has a blog himself set up called “The end of elite media empires” (sic). Somehow there is someone out there who realizes that the media is an elite empire… but they morinically think that it is a ‘crazy left wing’ empire.

He had the retarded gaul to call the word ‘Progressive’ quote: “sexy” and “modern”.

Now, I will defend my personal beliefs, and I will defend the goals of the Progressive movement.

But I will NOT defend the sound of the word ‘Progressive’!!! I couldn’t give a rat’s ass how ‘sexy’ or ‘modern’ the fucking word sounds. I don’t even like shit that sounds ‘sexy’ or ‘modern’… unless it is a hot young woman who just *happens* to sound that way.

That’s not how I choose my values.  Is that how you choose yours, Mr. Gregory?  Do you like the way “Neoconservative Asshole” sounds?  Oooh, that’s sooo sexy and modern!

In fact, if a woman sounds too sexy or modern, I begin to wonder: “What’s her deal? Why can’t she just act normal?” Hey, but whatever, that’s my probelm. What’s his probelm?

What a Jackass and buffoon!

Realize this, asshole: Progressive stands for a sincere attempt to stamp out crime, corruption, suffering and ingorance while at the same time encouraging compassion, education, peace and health for all.

If you are on board, you have a free ticket to ride. If not, you may be bulldozed and crushed.

The choice is entirely yours to make.


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