Blogswarm Alert: KSFO spews hate speech….Blogosphere sez: Wait a minute Assholes!

Seems like the ReichWing is feeling a might feisty. Hate Jocks Lee Rogers and Melanie Morgan of Disney/ABC’s affiliate KSFO have decided that torture is real, real good and also lots of fun. Fellow blogger Spocko decided to ‘open a dialogue’ with the advertisers who were, perhaps unkowingly, supporting this vile activity for fun and profit. Read about Spocko and his campaign, which met some success I might add in this Mike Stark post at dKos. I have to say Spocko’s letters to Sears and other advertisers should be studied by anyone planning on affecting change in the media using pressure on advertisers. Of course, having your product placement turn out to be burning someone’s testicles off is a pretty persuasive argument that you’ve got the wrong folks tryin’ to do your advertising. But, hey, that’s the ReichWing for ya. BrainDead muthfucka’s.

Listen up to Ms. Morgan’s verbal attack on the corporate media and, yeah, you. You, you self-loathing liberals. But it’s not enough that they heap scorn on you, no, they make threats. You see unpleasant things are going to happen to you because you are a liberal traitor.

Well the time has come for us to push back. Mike has all the information you need to help Disney/ABC understand that this sort of activity is totally unacceptable. This is a fight worthy of a blogswarm. Let’s join in and show cute little Melanie and fun loving Lee that their not immune to the ‘free market’ they love so much.


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