Where we roll out our most feared weapon: The Google Bomb!

As I posted earlier the first Blogswarm of 2007 is starting to materialize out of the tenuous, insubstantial substance of the blogosphere. As I pointed our at dKos earlier today we don’t have to wait for the FCC to act. We don’t have to beg Common Cause or FAIR to act; although I am sure they will once we break trail on this.


All we have to do is fire up The Google Bomb.

For this blogswarm the links are:

KSFO radio

KSFO talk radio

Lee Rogers

Melanie Morgan

Little cutie Melanie and the folksy Lee are linked to mp3 files wherein they advocate unpleasant consequences for liberals, that’s Lee’s idea of humor, and Melanie advocated painting a bulls eye on Madame Speaker Pelosi’s eyes. These files are linked under the Fair Use provisions of copyright law and we include them here for you to use in commenting on this sort of speech and whether or not it falls under the definition of hate speech.

Please join me in this effort to show everybody who uses Google just who these folks are and what they stand for.

Flash Update: A request has been made for the html code for the Google Bomb links. Here they are in order.

KSFO Radio: ‘<a href=”http://supremeirony.blogspot.com/2007/01/abcdisney-endorses-hate-speech-violence.html”>KSFO radio</a>’

KSFO Talk Radio: ‘<a href=”http://supremeirony.blogspot.com/2007/01/abcdisney-endorses-hate-speech-violence.html”>KSFO talk radio</a>’

Lee Rodgers:‘<a href=”http://www.callingallwingnuts.com/spocko/theyhateliberals.mp3″>Lee Rogers</a>’

Melanie Morgan:‘<a href=”http://www.callingallwingnuts.com/spocko/pelosibullseye.mp3″>Melanie Morgan</a>’

Use the code between the ‘ only. And thanks for the help!


5 Responses to Where we roll out our most feared weapon: The Google Bomb!

  1. corky says:

    Why do these hatemongers keep pulling this crap? Nobody is falling for it anymore.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    ‘Cause they are stupid actually. It’s up to us to kick ’em where it hurts the most. In the pocketboook!

  3. darms says:

    If you would provide the HTML code it would be a good bit easier to spread this google bomb…

  4. AML says:

    The “KSFO Radio” link and the “KSFO Talk Radio” link both point to the same place, was that done on purpose?

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