Many have asked me: When will the Democrats Take Action?

Union forces decimate the slavery lovers at Sharpsburg 1862As if I fucking would know that. Really what people are seeking is reassurance. Reassurance that our long national nightmare, which began when BushCo looked the other way while Osama bin Laden and his gang of thugs attacked us on our soil and took the lives of almost three thousand Americans, is coming to an end.

BushCo. did this so that they and their invisible backers would have the ‘Pearl Harbor’ the Project for a New American Century called for in it’s insane plan for global hegemony in the name of oil company and military industrial complex profits, the defense of the state of Israel, unlimited access to the world’s natural resources and the right to make slaves of anyone Corporate America needed to. This in order to feed the insatiable American appetite for cheap shoddy consumer goods.


For a long time I’ve felt and made known that the structure for government which our Founding Fathers created over 200 years ago was a work of genius; subtle in its mechanism and profound in it’s knowledge of human nature. All of us: ReThuglican scum, Fundamentalist Theocrat and Progressive Heroes are human. We all respond to the same stimulus in very similar ways.

We evolved to what we are now for a reason.

We evolved to survive.

We evolved to survive by working together. Those who could do that lasted long enough to send their traits on to their descendants. Those who did not perished from the earth. We modern folks know this. Most of us anyway.

Although the Founding Fathers work predated Darwin that does not mean they did not understand this and more. Who we are and how we will act in a wide range of environments. These things they had studied and thought on. They knew humanity and it’s behavior very well.

As an example, they were not so far removed from the religious factionalism of England that they had forgotten how it could tear a society apart in a welter of blood and murder. They wished fervently to forestall that. Thus the separation of church and state. Much of the rest of what they embedded in the Constitution is not obvious for it never comes into play until a group or individual tries to subvert what that document created.

What does this have to do with ‘reassurance’ today. Well, there are those who were convinced that the Democrats, once they regained effective political power, would not act to restore our republic. Would not act to oppose those who today, right now, want to destroy our nation from within. Some still are convinced of this. More are afraid that this is going to be true. I have made the argument, more than once, that the Democrats would have to act. It’s programmed into the human psyche. What BushCo had done to the individuals and the institution we call ‘The Democratic Party’ calls out for revenge. The Founding Fathers knew about this motivation and they structured our government to use this extremely powerful human need.

Today the Democrats are using revenge to fuel themselves for the fight. When you have been a Marine for over thirty years. When you have had your character questioned. When you have been called a coward on the floor of the House of Representatives where you have served for many, many years by a deranged Bush sycophant…well, you enjoy eating this dish cold. You use what has happened to you to fight and prevail against your enemies.

There are other ‘hard-wired’ elements of the human animal which are coming into play now. At this very moment as I type this the opposition is acting in what superficially seems very strange ways. A close analysis will reveal that these folks are ashamed. Yep, they are ashamed of their actions under the coercion of Bush and his cabal of goons and the simultaneous fear of looking ‘weak’ in the face of the ReichWing manufactured GWOT. Something Nancy Pelosi knows how to take advantage of since as a woman she knows the value of reconciliation. It’s part of her hardwiring. She’s doing just that. The proof is shown in the recent voting on purely Democratic initiatives as detailed in the link. Pelosi and her caucus are engineering big majorities for her 100 hours agenda and the fools on the Reich who believe that this will change when things get ‘more difficult’ are in for an unpleasant surprise. They must never have heard of the ‘Big Mo’ that’s momentum as all sports junkies know. With a little luck and lots of pressure from us in Left Blogistan Madame Pelosi in the House and folks like Jim Webb in the Senate can steamroller the incompetent punk who calls himself ‘The Decider’ and what few legislators who still support him before they realize that their day has come and gone. Steamroller them into political oblivion.

And Karl, now you know, your way of doing things generates tremendous blowback.Put in the hands of political operatives who understand the work of the Founders it’s already killed any hope for fascist hegemony in this country for a generation perhaps more. It will give us in the Progressive Movement the impetus to remake this country into what it should…into what it must be. We need not be reassured but we must be confident and willing to advance our agenda. The two actions I have linked to in this post are, if I am right, only the beginnings of a radical attack on those who have held power for the last forty years.

After all…

We are the ones correct in our view of the world. We, not the ReichWing, are the path forward for our nation. Freedom, justice and equality for all are not just buzzwords.

These are words, the principles, with which we must inform our lives with.

So, you see I don’t need reassurance because I intend to do what it takes to move this nation in the direction I want it to go. I invite everyone to join me. Even if in the likely event my direction is not exactly the one you want to take.

America is waking up from the long national nightmare Nixon started so long ago. The question should be not: ‘When are the Democrats gonna do something?’

It’s, ‘When are you?’


One Response to Many have asked me: When will the Democrats Take Action?

  1. A.Citizen says:

    I look forward to the pathetic whining from folks like St. McCain and his enabler Joey the Liarmann as they attempt to explain to the American people why Murtha’s bill cutting off funding for Gitmo, torture and the Katrina concentration camps is a bad thing.

    Watching St. McCain defend torture should put stake through the heart of his ‘maverick’ persona.

    Go ahead Abu Gonzales tell us why torture is as American as apple pie.

    Go ahead Condi-Lies-a-Lot tell us why Katrina victims, most on ’em black though not black like you are, should be held in concentration camps built by Halliburton.

    This is great politics and…

    it’s the principled, the progressive thing to do.

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