Why you don’t want Bush to Bomb Iran…as if you didn’t already know.

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‘S funny how the spin game is being played these day on both sides of the aisle, a place which is gonna become a real no-man’s land no matter what Joey the LiarMann thinks, people be talkin’ about all the dumb ass statements Wolfewitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney and BushFool were makin’ before and after the war. Stuff like ‘stuff happens..’, ‘this is a country that can pay for it’s own reconstruction easily…’, ‘Mission Accomplished…’, ‘the insurgency is in it’s last throes if you will…’, see if you can match the statement with the dumb fucktard that uttered it, but nobody wants to talk about what actually happened.

Before the War to Git Saddam started the benchmark grade of oil was selling for around $30.00 per barrel.


Try above $50.00 per barrel and headed up…maybe to $130.00 per barrel.

That’s like a 175% increase by my math. Come to think of it gas has gone up since The War to Git Saddam started some as I remember, but nobody mentions that on O’Lielly, FAUX news, or even the in the august pages of the NYT or WaPo. I guess they don’t want to stir the natives up too much.

And remember, Iraq prior to the war was providing only a small fraction of the world’s oil not like Iran which currently supplies 5% of the world’s oil supply. Oh, yeah…today Iraq supplies 0% of the world’s oil supply. So get ready to walk to work if Bush pulls the trigger.

You might consider contacting your Congressperson about this issue. You can find ’em here………..


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