Hmmmmm…looks like ‘Abu’ Gonzales blinked….

Keep clappin' fool!

Yes indeed, I say Mr. Toady definitely blinked today. Was it some dust in his eye or a mote stuck there which cause him to do the following?

Could this be an olive branch from the administration to move towards ‘bi-partisanship’?

Sorry, just a lame attempt at some humor. No, I think what John Dean suggested recently has much more to do with it. This rat don’t wanna go down with the ship and he realized that ‘The Madman in the White House’ does not care a rat’s ass about anyone but himself,

‘Abu’s in particular.

Jes another Meskin he is to The Bush Crime Family.


4 Responses to Hmmmmm…looks like ‘Abu’ Gonzales blinked….

  1. mr. bigstuff says:

    did anyone see sen. leahy lay it on gonzalez? w’s abogado got his evidently first lesson in human rights. the good senator remined him that americans don’t torture. we dont need to. at least not until the likes of w and his ilk start a fight others need to finish. now w needs some torture induced lies to justify his deadly misadventures.
    when gonzalez told leahy to not get so excited and wait till the report came out, the abogado smirked a w-ish smirk that the grinch would have been proud of. maybe soon someone will wipe that smirk off his disgusting mug.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    We, the people, and especially us from Left Blogistan are gonna wipe the floor with ‘Abu’ the Smiler. And then our elected officials will send him to jail where he belongs.

  3. mr. bigstuff says:

    a citizen; i like the attitude of this site. stay motivated and check in every day. i started my deal friday: i dont have enough time to be a real journalist so i have to try to be funny fucking with w and such. i’m gonna make sure all my folks check out bear republic every day. remember: it’s getting better everyday….finally.

  4. A.Citizen says:

    Will do mr. bigstuff! It’s easy to stay motivated what with ‘Abu’ and The BushWacker throwing gasoline on the fire it seems like every day.

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