Right Wing Nuts Just Don’t Get It

I have finally realized that right wingers think that we Progressives don’t like rich people. That is why they point out that Pelosi is – gasp – rich, and Edwards is – shock – rich, and FDR was – horror – rich! And then there’s that Soros fella… whoah, get a load of him!

Well, I’ve got news for you dingbats over there on the right-wing: I love rich liberals! I wish all rich people were liberal. How do you like that?

You see, dear right-wing mouthbreathers, it is not the having, accumulating, spending or inheriting of money that we liberal Progressives dislike. No, heavens no! It is the mega-greedy, mean-spirited, heartless agenda taken up by those in the conservative right-wing establishment. This involves such things as supporting legislation that unfairly benefits the wealthy at the expense of the poor; fighting fairness in taxation, education and opportunity for everyone (including those despicable poor people the right-wing hates so much); breaking laws to benefit themselves and their peers; and generally treating the rest of the world with utter disdain.

That’s the kinda thing we don’t like, and that’s the kinda thing we are going to eliminate.  I suppose to be nice about it, I should suggest you greedy-ass right-wingers enjoy your moment now while you still can.  Your days of screwing the rest of us for your own selfish benefit are numbered.  The tide is turning, and we are ALL going to be rising with this tide. . . even you guys.


15 Responses to Right Wing Nuts Just Don’t Get It

  1. Mick says:

    Thanks for fleshing this out! I’m shocked. BTW Republicans donate a lot more to charities than do Democrats. Why can’t the poor move up by education, work and staying off drugs and with the support of rich Democrats and Republicans. Why do you want BIG BROTHER/BIG SIS to tax the middle class working stiffs to pay for your utopia?

    Thanks for being so honest, though. I predict many will be reading this blog of yours.

  2. tekstone says:

    you mean the ‘education’ that conservative privatizers are causing the cost of which to be over $20,000 per year here in the U.S.?

    you mean the ‘work’ Republican corporatists are hiring Chinese and Idians and other foreign nationals to do while cutting jobs here at home?

    you mean staying off drugs that the CIA and other right-wing covert intelligence organizations imports into this country?

    also to clarify: i would like to see off-shore tax shelters shut down and those that participate in such traitorous behavior fined and jailed and have all those ‘missing’ taxes collected and spent on our people… you know, those people you Republicans are always calling upon to ‘defend’ our homeland by getting themselves killed in Iraq. not taxing the middle class so much, my friend Mick, but those that can afford to pitch in a little more for the good of all. it is a simple concept that the Romans understood thousands of years ago: progressive taxation.

    please cite your source(s) for this: “Republicans donate a lot more to charities than do Democrats.” otherwise i cannot comment on that.

    and that is great that you feel many will be reading this blog… the more the merrier.

  3. A.Citizen says:


  4. Mick says:

    An education doesn’t have to cost $20,000 a year, yeah in Northern California where you live. I moved from there a year and a half ago and the tuition is much more reasonable at top schools.

    There was a story on the rate of donations. I’ll look it up for you.

  5. Mick says:

    Wasn’t Charles Manson a UC Berkeley student?

  6. tekstone says:

    Although I don’t think Manson was a student at Cal (he spent way too much time in jail for that) – I do wonder why you would mention that…

    You think if higher education is too affordable, then you get criminals and riff-raff taking over these institutions? No you couldn’t mean that, because in your mind all the poor people are too busy taking drugs and committing crimes to be able to study.

    Weird comment, Mick.

  7. A.Citizen says:

    If you want to use the tortured ‘logic’ of which schools graduated the worst sort of ‘folk’s you might want to take a look at Yale and Harvard. A certain graduate of those bastions of Ivy League privilege will very probably go down in history as the biggest mass-murderer in American history. And…

    no, I’m not kidding here.

  8. Mick says:

    Well, that’s right, Clinton did kill a lot of Serbian civilians.

  9. A.Citizen says:

    Stil not getting it I see…

    A mind is horrible thing to waste MIck I am certain you would agree. But then…

    That assumes you had one to lose in the first place.

    Yer math is a little lacking here. Even if I accepted yer farcical contention re Clinton and Serbians, which I do not, The Crawford Caligula, Lil’ Boots, The Cretin-in-the-White House, Commander Codpiece, President Death had at last count caused over 650,000 Iraqi’s to be murdered in their own land. That is far in excess of the 6,000 estimated by that well known ‘liburul’ NGO Human Rights Watch estimates died in the NATO bombing campaign in Kosovo.

    Which leaves us with one question:

    When ya gonna stop drinkin’ dat: Kool-Aid

    Its’ really, really not good for ya Mick.

  10. tekstone says:

    Besides, Mick is still not seeing the forest for the made up liberal trees in his mind. His biases are blinding him to all sorts of facts.

    Among them: Bill Clinton did NOT attend Harvard. A. Citizen clearly pointed out the biggest mass-murderer in American history is a graduate of both Yale and Harvard – George Dumbya Bush has degrees from both.

    I am getting tired of arguing with biased, neoconservative, kool-aid chuggers. They just can’t keep their facts straight. Seems all they want to do is try to discredit as many Progressives or Liberals as possible – regardless of those pesky, inconvenient facts.

    Why they don’t want peace, prosperity, security and happiness for everyone is waaay beyond the likes of my simple mind. Must be some sort of disease or disorder aflicting their brains. . . or something.

  11. A.Citizen says:

    heh…heh…heh…dem pesky facts. Seems like ol’ Mick cain’t quite get ’em straight. Prolly smokin’ too much herb.

    …would explain the dorky sunglasses.

  12. Mick says:

    I think W. graduated from Yale. But he did go on to get an MBA at Harvard.

    I’m pretty sure you are the ones f**cked up. Hilly and Billy went to Harvard, that’s where they met.

  13. tekstone says:

    Okay, Mick… your total lack of respect for facts is about to get you banned here. I will quote from Wikipedia: “After Oxford, Clinton attended Yale Law School and obtained a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in 1973. While at Yale, he began dating law student Hillary Rodham who was a year ahead of him. They married in 1975.”

    If it is possible, Mick, stop being a total loser and moron… at least on OUR blog.

    We already stated that Dumbya went to Yale AND Harvard – that was the whole premise from the get-go. Clinton did NOT attend Harvard, so SYFPH.

    You have proven without a doubt in hell that you don’t know true facts from the lint in your belly-button. I think you better call it a day and go bug someone else. I mean, to not do the basic fact-checking when you are sitting in front of a compter linked to the damn internet!! How stupid can you get??!!

    It’s called Wikipedia. You can find all sorts of really basic facts on it. I’m done with you.

  14. Mick says:

    OK, I should have looked it up. I was a bit lazy I admit. I forgot that you know everything about Hilly and Billy.

    I promise to fact check in the future. But, one more thing, Hillary said in a speech a few years ago that her husband had to send in troops to Serbia without allies, “only the U.S. was capable of toppling Melosovic…

    Funny! She doen’t give W. that kind of credit and we have had many allies in the War to topple Saddam.

  15. tekstone says:

    For the record, I am no fan of either Hill or Bill (although Bill’s political skills are unmatched in our time – credit where credit is due).

    That out of the way, and speaking of credit… W, as you call him, is an agenda-driven idiot. Attacking Iraq after the tragedies on 9/11 made as much sense as attacking Mexico after Pearl Harbor.

    Comparing Serbia to Iraq is nonsensical – 6k innocents killed v. over 600k innocents killed… and not one American killed by hostile action in Serbia by the way. And in case you missed it, it was NATO that involved the US in the conflict… not the other way around… look it up.

    Without allies… tsh. The whole Kosovo thing was a NATO operation.

    Perhaps all your misconceptions explain your warped views and opinions. Wonder if that applies to all right-wingers across the board? How badly misinformed are they all really?? I wonder…

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