Res Ipsa Loquitor

Senator Webb is showing every sign of being the sort of Senator we need, are ya listening Senator Clinton, can’t use ‘Hillary’ it’s not respectful, or Senators Schumer, Biden, Obama, Specter, Lott, are ya?

Because this is what ‘oversight’ looks and sounds like:

January 29, 2007

The Honorable Condoleezza Rice
Secretary of State
Department of State
2201 C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Secretary Rice:

During your appearance before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on January 11, 2007, I asked you a question pertaining to the administration’s policy regarding possible military action against Iran. I asked, “Is it the position of this administration that it possesses the authority to take unilateral action against Iran, in the absence of a direct threat, without congressional approval?”

At that time you were loath to discuss questions of presidential authority, but you committed to provide a written answer. Since I have not yet received a reply, the purpose of this letter is to reiterate my interest in your response.

This is, basically, a “yes” or “no” question regarding an urgent matter affecting our nation’s foreign policy. Remarks made by members of this administration strongly suggest that the administration wrongly believes that the 2002 joint resolution authorizing use of force in Iraq can be applied in other instances, such as in the case of Iran. I, as well as the American people, would benefit by fully understanding the administration’s unequivocal response.

I would appreciate your expeditious reply and look forward to discussing this issue with you in the near future.


James Webb
United States Senator

Yeah, yes of fukin’ no Senators. This is it the ‘Final Conflict’ is about to begin and you are all going to be judged on one thing and one thing only:

Did you stand up to George W. Bush’s illegal seizure of power under his ludricous theory of fascist dictatorship in America the unitary executive.

This might be your last chance to earn their respect.

And if you’d like to let Condi-lies-a-lot know that you’d like her to answer Senator Webb’s question? Well…here’s where you can do that…..


4 Responses to Res Ipsa Loquitor

  1. catzmaw says:

    Senator Webb is making his Virginia constituents very proud. Hardest working man in the Senate. Did you see him throw down on the contractors and war profiteers during his Face the Nation interview Sunday? He wants hearings. He’ll get them.

    In the meantime, he hasn’t forgotten his commitment to the rural and blue collar working stiffs of our fair Commonwealth. Here’s a link to a story about the young man he hired to run his office in Southwest Virginia, the poorest part of the state. Blue Ridge Man Tapped as Webb’s Liaison to SW Virginia

    Webb (D) has named Fred W. Hutchins of Blue Ridge, a 25 year old who has been a Botetourt County resident for 20 years and graduated from Lord Botetourt High School,, as his Roanoke regional director.

    Hutchins will coordinate with local government officials and assist citizens with concerns regarding the federal government. He’ll be serving over 10 counties in Southwest Virginia.

    He will add to Webb’s visibility by attending chamber of commerce and civic meetings and other community functions. It’ll be his job to listen to individual concerns and to help folks with Social Security, Medicare, visas and passports, and Section 8 housing. He also plans to hold monthly community meetings so constituents can discuss issues.

    “Southwest Virginia is very important to Webb, politically and personally,” Hutchins said.

  2. A.Citizen says:

    I don’t have a TV, engine of the Devil that it is, but will try and seek out a clip of that Face the Nation interview.

    Thanks for the comment and link.

  3. catzmaw says:

    Senator Webb released this statement today in response to the IG’s report on fraud and abuse in the contractor system:


    The following is a statement from Senator Jim Webb of Virginia in response to the audit released today by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction:

    “Today, the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction has provided another quarterly report-to add to the countless audits-showing the fraud and abuse that plagues the Iraq reconstruction effort. This report begins to scratch the surface, but we need to be able to address the totality of the problem and how to solve it.

    “It has been reported that corruption is so widespread in Iraq that one-third of all rebuilding contracts are under criminal investigation.

    “The American people deserve to know where the $35 billion in taxpayer dollars allotted for Iraq reconstruction have gone.

    “I call on my Senate colleagues to join me in renewing our commitment to get all the facts onto the table. We need to have immediate transparency and accountability for past Iraq reconstruction spending, and we need a clear formula for moving forward.

    “The president plans to come to us next week for additional reconstruction funding in Iraq to the tune of $1.2 billion. I cannot see myself voting for any additional funding until we get clear transparency and strong assurances that this sort of mismanagement has been alleviated. It won’t be business as usual when this Congress proceeds with future spending requests.”

  4. A.Citizen says:

    In a sane universe any Senator or Representative who voted to give Mr. Bush another dime for Iraq ‘reconstruction’ would be recalled. Not turned out of office at the next election but recalled.

    And right now.

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