Senator Feingold Tells The People of the United States that He is Taking Action!

This is the sort of Democratic spine we in the blogosphere have been clamoring for, begging for, yelling for.

I say that just watching this YouTube clip and saying to oneself, ‘Good work Senator…’ is not enough.

No. Nope. Fuck No!

Just muttering to yourself is not gonna do it here fellow citizens.

We need to contact each and every member of the Senator’s committee, Democrat and ReThuglican both, and demand that they back the Senator. It’s either that or they go back.


Here is the Congressional switchboard’s toll-free number: 1-800-459-1887. You want to speak to the members of the Judiciary Committee. Who they are and individual contact information can be found here:

Senate Judiciary Committee

Be polite but demand action on this important legislation. And if we here at BRAG would appreciate hearing of any feedback you get from your call in the comments.


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