Blogswarm Alert: The Democrats in the Senate are Not Listening!

And some of them are truly showing their DINO stripes. Sorta like polecats with their vile manipulation of the weak-kneed Harry Reid. Yep, I’ve made up my mind about the Senate Majority Leader. He’s not fit to lead the Democratic Party. Not if we want it to become the force for progressive change our nation so desperately needs. And so I intimated to him with this hand delivered letter I had sent to his office. Others like the stupid Joe ‘Obama-be-smart-fer-a-negro’ Biden just Do. Not. Get. It.

But I do and I know you do too. It’s real simple there must be no attack on Iran, oh yeah the NeoCon fucktards are still planning on that, and, what this post is about, the Spineless Dems are planning on letting them. We must seek a diplomatic solution in Iraq while withdrawing our troops. Not plunge the region into a wider war which even the oligarchy at Davos are scared shitless of

Mr. Bush’s ‘support’ is in free fall. The right thing to do morally and for our country is in the Democratic Majority’s grasp.


Too simple for many in the Senate to grasp; and to be fair to them many are bought and paid for by the MI complex and/or AIPAC.

But one thing still works as the mid-terms of 2006 showed. Voting. We sent Senators Webb, Tester and Brown to the ‘Greatest Deliberative Body in the World’. We can send more. We can let Senators Reid and Nelson and Biden and Schumer, especially,  know in no uncertain terms that we will not accept their weak, immoral, acquiescence to Mr. Bush’s plans to plunge our nation into an even wider war which we cannot win.

Here is the contact info for the Senate and the House:

Contact your Senator and Senator’s Reid, Nelson, Biden, and Schumer and tell them that non-binding resolutions are ‘off the table…’.

Let us know what the response was in the comments if you would please.


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