Take a good look at this sanctimonious prick. He’s a ‘Religious Leader’….

That is if you believe calling for gay Americans to apologize for causing AIDS or who once said, ‘God forbid we should ever run out of gay babies!’ This piece of Theocratic Fascist Trash recently attacked the John Edwards campaign in classic ‘swift-boat’ style by claming that two bloggers Edwards hired the well-known Shakespeare’s Sister and Amanda  of Pandragon were religious bigots. Hmmmmm….Makjistes post linked above shows that Mr. Jelly-Ass, my cute Bushlike nickname for Bill, is fond of that charge. Edwards with a little prodding from the netroots finally stood up and told this religious bigot to stuff it. Sort of….

Now no matter whether Edwards is ‘your’ candidate or not if you are interested in changing our nation’s political system these sort of attacks on progressives, anyone actually, must stop.

Why, you ask?

Because being based on lies they undermine our society’s ability to choose effective leadership. Some say ‘they all do it!‘ .’Some’ are full of shit. ‘Sides didn’t yer mama tell you ‘Everybody’s doin’ it!’ is a lousy rationale for doing anything. Much less choosing folks who have the power to, oh, say:

Declare war….

Send yer ass to jail…

Allow your city to be destroyed and  not give it a second thought…


Edwards stood up and showed some spine. All is now well.


Not just yet.

There is the other actor in this drama especially prepared for the Zombies of the Jeebus Cult. Yeah, that’s right I don’t care for Catholicism, Protestantism, any ‘worship’ of ‘god’ and since I ain’t bloggin’ fer pay I can be perfectly frank about that. The remaining squealers for Jeebus are, no surprise, our old friends the Corporatist Media.who continue to say that Edwards is in danger of losing the Catholic vote. Even those who should know better have succumbed to this truly stupid meme.As for the ReichWing Noise Machine they are in full throat screaming epithets, lying, ‘swift-boating Edwards for all they are worth.

This is where you come in. You the informed, concerned citizen. If you believe that John Edwards hasn’t done anything wrong and that Amanda and Melissa are entitled to exercise their free speech rights then our new, new friends BlogPac have the solution. Go here and tell the MSM to back the fuck off.

If you think that lying, ad hominem attacks and the publication of libel for partisan political gain is no big deal why…

Continue to sit on your hands.

Until they knock on your door.

Because they are going to just that if we don’t stop them.


If not now, when?

Flash update:    In case you think this sort of thing is bullshit. Check this out from MyDD. One of our esteemed blogfathers.


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