The MSM Makes Us Want to Puke… Again!

The MSM obsessive coverage of Anna Nicole Smith’s death today is making me sick. The very worst part of it is not the fact that they are milking the misfortune of others for their own gain or the fact that they are turning a very somber event for a very torn-up family into a circus. No. The worst part of it all is the fact that they are calling a two-hour long obsessive media circus “Breaking News.”

The “Breaking News” is that she died today after collapsing in a Hard Rock hotel in Hollywood, Florida. There is no news yet of the cause of death, and we are waiting for a press briefing from the officials at the hospital. An autopsy is expected to be performed tomorrow. End of story. That’s it! That’s the “Breaking News”! What would that take? All of say, two minutes? And then a five minute long retrospective of her life: Guess model, Playboy Playmate of the year, married 89 year old millionaire who died shortly after, sued by family, son died last year. Done!

Breaking news is NOT a two-hour long boring, repetetive recap of her whole frigging life! That is NOT “Breaking News”!! Then to have Nancy Grace – that horrible vulture of death, that haggard feeder of carion, that vampire witch that she is – do a show on Anna Nicole Smith for her own profit!?! Let’s not forget that it was a high and mighty Nancy Grace that accused Ebay of profiting off of Jean Benet Ramsey’s murder when someone sold something on its stupid site. The goddamn nerve of that bitch, Nancy Grace!

The state of News and Main Stream Media in general in this country is Pathetic and Disgusting! I’m going to go vomit now.


2 Responses to The MSM Makes Us Want to Puke… Again!

  1. yunahalo says:

    I like you. Wanna know something funny? I watch Nancy Grace… Wanna know why? I’m 100% sure she is gonna explode on air one day. I can’t wait. 🙂

  2. tekstone says:

    Thanks. I like you too. Nancy Grace exploding on air… now *that* would be NEWS!

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