Announcing our newest weapon against the ReichWing: BlogPac!

Turn Out! Turn Out the Town!

Our Blogfathers Matt Stoller and Chris Bowers have created a new tool weapon for progressive bloggers everywhere to push back against the ReichWing infrastructure and noise machine. There’s a little bit more to it than that but BlogPac helped with the pushback against the attack on John Edwards bloggers. Here’s an excerpt from Chris’s email received today from BlogPac Command:

‘Thanks to your efforts yesterday, a dishonest right-wing smear was turned back. 2000 of you sent emails to various media outlets asking journalists to stop applying a double standard to liberals. This had real results. Rather than a story emphasizing the weakness of a liberal religion-hating Democrat in the face of a truth-seeking right-wing movement, a story we’ve seen so many times before, the arc of the story shifted. We’d point you to this blog post by Glenn Greenwald, and this particular passage as explaining the change.’

Here is my post on this fight to give you more background in case you missed it.

You will now notice the BlogPac! button in the upper right side-bar. We will be directing you to it periodically when they call for our specific help.

BlogPac! is also about building the progressive netroots infrastructure. I support this effort for a lot of reasons. Stoller posts about why we need BlogPac are here and here. Bower’s take can be found here and here. These are only a few of the posts being put up about this mushrooming set of issues. You will notice that this is about, to a big degree, money. Yep, money…until we get real campaign finance reform, perhaps something like this, we gonna need to raise and demonstrate to politicians that we can raise, money. Lots of it. Of course we already did that in 2004 and 2006. BlogPac is about making sure the folks we like get the money. Not the favorites of Rahm and Chuck who actually gave LiarMann money. Not to mention McInerney’s opponent who lost to Pombo big time the last time he ran.

This is important. This is real. If you choose to make it so. We of the progressive blogosphere must come together to support our vision of what America should be.

Join us.


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