Anna Nicole Smith: Still Dead….

She was very beautiful

And so’s any chance that you will ever get rich here in America. Think I’m kiddin’ well I’m not and as I posted here, here and here I’ve got the facts to back my assertion up.

But see, I’m just a tenth tier blogger. Rude, uncivil all that things that Bill Kristol, George Will and David Brooks deprecate ever so politely on the various forums where they pimp practice their punditry goodness.

Les visit my buds over at Angry Bear and check out the state of the discourse. On one side we got the original BowTie Guy, Fucker Carlson is jes a cheapjack imitation, and on the other The Shrill One. Don’t get to blog much about TSO anymore since they locked him up behind the subscription wall. Wonder why they did that?

Well, maybe this gives us little clue:

ON ABC’s This Week, the gang was debating whether rising inequality matters. Robert Reich was saying yes and noted a self-deprecating joke where he and Shaq were standing on a basketball court – “the average man here is six foot two inches”. This came right after George Will saying inequality was not that important. Will tells his joke by saying “three men enter a bar – since one of them was Bill Gates, the average man in the bar is a billionaire”.’

Now George Will can’t tell a joke to save his life. Guy is a stone idiot too boot. This is what the joke reads like when The Shrill One tells it:

‘A liberal and a conservative were sitting in a bar. Then Bill Gates walked in. “Hey, we’re rich!” shouted the conservative. “The average person in this bar is now worth more than a billion!” “That’s silly,” replied the liberal. “Bill Gates raises the average, but that doesn’t make you or me any richer.” “Hah!” said the conservative, “I see you’re still practicing the discredited politics of class warfare.”‘

I’ll tell ya straight: I think one thing our country needs is big piping hot mug of Class Warfare and the sooner the better. Frankly, it’s pretty clear that one reason BushCo. started the War to Git Saddam was and is to distract the citizenry from the fact that the vast majority of Americans are losing the fight to stay afloat economically.

What to do?

Keep pushing the Congress to get it’s act together. Contribute to BlogPac! Join in and comment at yer favorite blogs. Write your Congresscritter and demand action on the four things Americans view as most important after The War in Iraq and it’s wrongly conflated terror twin Tehhahism:

Providing universal healthcare.

The economy…that means jobs.

The budget deficit.

Energy policy.

The fight for a progressive America has just begun. Stay tuned for more.


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