It’s still a wonderful world Al….

Might be better if we had you here doing what we know you can: Governing with intelligence and style. Wow! Would that not be something cool or what?
I even got yer campaign slogan:

‘Vote for Someone who knows what he’s doing.’

Mike Stark, you may remember him from the Spocko vs. ABC/Ratfuckers campaign dealing with KSFO’s hate speech is at it again. This time it’s…
Wait for it….

Sign the Draft Gore petition here!

Here’s Mike’s post over at dKos for more on the ins and outs of this.
Me, I gotta hustle over and give my $5.08 to the campaign.
Oh yeah, if he don’t run I do not want to hear any whining from ya about it…
Unless you get on board right now.
Flash Update: Obama is jukin’ ‘n Jivin’ again about the importance of religion in his campaign so he goes back in the box for more study.


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