Catholic League 2 Edwards Campaign 0…..But I say the game ain’t over.

Yes, fat prick Bill Donohue misogynist, bully, tool of the fascist oligarchy must be feeling good today. Shakespeare’s Sister has resigned her position in the Edwards campaign. Seems she was getting some rather nasty feedback for her contention that Catholics are a little…well fucked up is what I’d call it. If Bill and his cowardly scumbags who get off on denigrating women over their cable modems wanna come on by here I can assure them they will get more than they bargain for.

But let’s face it chimpanzee threat displays aren’t gonna get it done. Looks like, at this point anyway, that Edwards forgot how to fight since he stopped being a trial lawyer and became a spineless Dem ‘Progressive Politician’. I posted at his blog the following:

Does Senator Edwards agree that the resignation of his bloggers Amanda Marcotte and Shakespeare’s Sister is a severe setback for his campaign?

Does the Senator or his staff plan any pushback against the character assassins who in concert with Bill Donohue, noted Catholic bigot for their engineering a stream of abuse and death threats against Amanda and Shake’s?

If the answer to either of these questions is, ‘No.’ Please explain the following:

‘Why should I support your campaign which you claim will help those Americans who need help the most if you will not protect your own employees?”

So far no answers.

This being the blogosphere and being as I’m not getting paid why I can continue to do something about the piece of human waste that calls himself Bill Donohue. See his Fascist Bund Catholic League is registered as a 501(c)(3) something I know a little about from my work at Drinking Liberally. Basically Ol’ Prick Bill cannot lobby or otherwise influence a political campaign or he loses his tax exempt status.

Under federal tax law, section 501(c)(3) organizations may take positions on public policy issues, including issues that divide candidates in an election for public office.  However, section 501(c)(3) organizations must avoid any issue advocacy that functions as political campaign intervention.  Even if a statement does not expressly tell an audience to vote for or against a specific candidate, an organization delivering the statement is at risk of violating the political campaign intervention prohibition if there is any message favoring or opposing a candidate.  A statement can identify a candidate not only by stating the candidate’s name but also by other means such as showing a picture of the candidate, referring to political party affiliations, or other distinctive features of a candidate’s platform or biography.   All the facts and circumstances need to be considered to determine if the advocacy is political campaign intervention.’

BRAG was started for this very reason. tekstone, malcontent, superawesomestuff, and I wanted to be able to take action in a manner we could not legally do at the Drinking Liberally, Oakland blog and so we started this blog.


What to do.

Well one could get the relevant IRS form, fill it out and send it to those vigilant watchdogs. Yeah, if the IRS gets thousands of these in the mail why they just might have to….

Shut Fat Prick Donohue’s Catholic League scam down.


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