Ever Notice This Connection?

I have recently come to the undeniable conclusion that the right-wing nutballs in this country are much more illiterate than those of us on the more progressive side of the American culture war.

First of all, there has been a huge number of people over the last year or so who have come to our humble blog – specifically to the ‘Outlaw Racist Flags‘ post – by searching the term ‘natzi’ or ‘natzi flag’. There is a right-wing commenter on this post who misspelled Nazi by inserting an extraneous ‘t’. Hence, it has become a magnet to all those right-wing illiterate folks in search of a Nazi flag they can call their own.

The misspelled term is searched so frequently – every single day – that I began to suspect there was a certain commonality among those who would want to search such a term. Then I began reading some of the right-wing comments made on other posts of ours. Their spelling and grammatical errors were so numerous and egregious, I nearly had a stroke upon reading them.

Putting aside my health concerns in search of more data to contribute to my developing thesis, I looked to the comments made on right-wing blogs. To my astonishment (and satisfaction), I found that it is, in fact, true that right-wing nutballs in this country are far more illiterate than their left-wing counterparts. They are more prone to repeated spelling errors (not just the occasional typo) and misuse of grammatical conventions – FAR more prone. See for yourself. Go test my theory. Well, it is admitedly hard to find any right-wing blogs with any significant number of comments. . . must be an indication of low readership.

Some of my findings:

“Of course…your all biased.”

“When you’re a happy, optomistic, successful person… People tend to want to be around happy, optomistic folks…”

“I do not support the natzi way but i think your totally wrong. I have things like this only as i collect them. They show a leaders point and his determination. He is a part of history Hitler and there is nothign we can change about that. But come on its only a flag? Why cant u just leave it. Anyway theres my point. Cya”


4 Responses to Ever Notice This Connection?

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Res Ipsa Loquitor….

    Hah, love that Latin. These ignorant folk of the the ReichWing cannot use English properly…

    How are they going to handle Latin?

    Not very well I would think.

  2. Darlene Darby says:

    You spelled incorrectly admittedly, you typed admitedly…..just an FYI

  3. tekstone says:


    First of all, I clearly express my understanding of the “occasional typo” – which is what you found in my misspelling of “admittedly.” My bad… but typos happen.

    Second of all, you have managed to write a run-on sentence in your pointing out my typo.

    I guess the occasional run-on sentence happens too, but I appreciate the FYI.

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