America: From Freedom to Fascism

I just saw this movie. This is right up Malcontent’s alley, but I think many, many Americans would find this movie to be… I don’t know… infuriating, enlightening, inspiring?

If you want to see the whole thing on YouTube, click HERE.

Learn that you are NOT required by law to pay income taxes. Learn how the Council on Foreign Relations is creating a New World Order with the help of BOTH Democrats and Republicans. Makes me glad that I am a member of the Green Party – the party that stands for principles not power. Learn about the power of the nongovernmental organization the Federal Reserve Bank and how they are printing our money and profiting from it, how they control the media in this country, and how they run the government… and much more.

Then, as always, feel free to comment. We can talk about it…


One Response to America: From Freedom to Fascism

  1. Jumana Fanni says:

    they only wanna do you dir. Jumana Fanni.

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