The Question we’ve wanted asked has finally been uttered!

“What is this case about?” special counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald asked in his rebuttal to the defense’s closing arguments yesterday in the Scooter Libby perjury trial.

“Is it about something bigger?”

Dan Froomkin has been a stalwart reporter of the news from the Libby courtroom. The only corporate media voice who gets props from Firedoglake our blogosphere experts on all things Scooter and Shooter. Froomkin goes on to quote Fitz as he finally tells the country J’Accuse. And as you will find quite natural he’s talking about ‘The Toad’ our nation’s defacto ruler, at least in his own mind, Dick Cheney.

There is a cloud over the vice president . . . And that cloud remains because this defendant obstructed justice,” Fitzgerald said.

“There is a cloud over the White House. Don’t you think the FBI and the grand jury and the American people are entitled to straight answers?” Fitzgerald asked the jury.

Well I sure as fuck do. And I imagine many of you do also. Fitz goes on to say:

“There’s something funny about how they want to talk about who sent him, but they don’t want to talk about the wife,” Fitzgerald said, mocking the defense’s position that those two were somehow entirely separate issues.

Yeah, funny as in treasonous actions which have made our country less safe by destroying Valerie Plame’s usefulness as an NOC and making the espionage service of the entire fucking world aware of Brewster Jenning’s being a CIA front.

And why was this done? Why did the idiot Cheney, a man who like his boss has been a failure at everything he’s ever touched, send his trained poodle out to out Valerie Plame? For the answer to that question let me quote Froomkin quoting Gerstein analyzing Fitzpatrick, well hell, this story is convoluted, here:

‘The prosecutor noted that in 2003 the White House press secretary, Scott McClellan, said Mr. Bush would immediately dismiss anyone involved in leaking Ms. Plame’s identity.

“‘Any sane person would think, based on what McClellan said in October 2003, that any person involved in this would be fired,’ Mr. Fitzgerald said.

“The prosecutor’s clear implication was that Mr. Bush failed to keep his word. Mr. Bush’s top political aide, Karl Rove, is still working at the White House despite having served as a source for two press accounts about Ms. Plame.”‘

It’s clear as crystal, to me at least, that BubbleBoy, Dear Leader, The Idiot-in-the-White-House got all sweaty and excited and asked the question: ‘Can no one rid me of this priest?’ I guess Cheney and Libby under the influence of too much Kool-Aid and John Woo’s stupid unitary executive bullshit actually saw Bush as Henry II.

Only problem for them was a guy named Patrick Fitzgerald who knows American is not a monarchy.

Now we wait for the verdict.

Should Libby be convicted the shit will hit the fan. The race will be on between Fitz getting Libby to make a deal implicating the scum who sent him out to make us less safe for partisan political purposes and Cheney getting Bush to pardon his buttboy Libby.

I would bet on Fitz as Bush may very well want to throw Cheney under the bus. The guy has become a tremendous liability for a President who’s on political life support.

Flash Update: Parachutec of FDF blogs the prosecution closing statement and Fitz! does not disappoint!


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