Regarding the ’08 Election Hype

I found this on the internet somewhere, and wanted to reprint it as originally written:

“do you really think the “powers to be” are going to let the people in this country elect anyone who will have the courage to disband the Federal Reserve, truly investigate the perpetrators of 9/11 and insure that each vote cast is counted as it was cast.
the system is so corrupt that the only possible meaningful change would be to vote out of office all incumbents. Then to institute term limits and public funding of all federal elections.”

I think this guy’s on to something…


One Response to Regarding the ’08 Election Hype

  1. A.Citizen says:

    Gee…I thought that’s what Kos’s people-powered politics’ was all about voting The Money Party bastards out on their ass!.

    So yeah, I agree…

    Send ’em all home.

    Except Webb and Tester and Feingold and Weiner and Tim Ryan and…

    I’ll even stick with Pelosi and Reid for a while longer.

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