The ‘Democrat’ Party shows it’s true colors…

a sickly blend of green, from the mountains of cash K-Street and the Military Industrial Complex, and yellow, from the cowardice of Schumer and Emmanuel and the worst of the lot: Senate Majority Leader Harry ‘Liebermann’ Reid, which is causing a bout if intestinal convulsions in the blogosphere. Frankly, I am as pissed off as I have ever been with the corporatists shills and panderers which it is now revealed are in control of not only the ReThuglican Party but the ‘Democrat’ Party.

The DLC and it’s fellow travelers seem to think that now that they have a majority which they can auction off to the highest bidder that they can throw us, the folks of the blogosphere who worked to secure that majority for them, under the bus.

I want to assure them that they are wrong. They are wrong just like ‘Maccaca’ Allen was wrong about playing the race card in his march to the Presidency. They are wrong just like ‘The Toad’ Cheney is wrong about…well everything.

And most wrong of all is this little ‘Money Party’ Assclown, yeah the midget smiling down one of the few people in Washington D.C. who has less credibility than he does:

If you’ve read very much of what I’ve posted in the past about Reid you will be aware that up until now I’ve been ambivalent about him. I really, really wanted to believe that he was going to do the right thing. But apparently, despite his avowed religiosity, he’s a Mormon, and his 18 grandchildren he cannot find the spine to stand up to the insane, illegal Bush administration.

This picture is bad enough….

Bush is signing arguably the worst piece of legislation his vile cabal of fascists managed to ram through the Republican ‘Rubber Stamp’ Congress.

As Harry ‘Money Party’ Reid smiles, yeah smiles down, Bush signs the Patriot Act. Sickening. Just sickening to think that the man we in the blogosphere helped acquire a majority in the Senate is going to use that citizen mandate to…

Do nothing.

Yep, the Senate Majority Leader has decided to ignore the will of the people and ‘get back to Iraq later…’ later after more Americans die, after more Iraqis are murdered. Perhaps after Bush bombs the fuck out of Iran. Yeah, later…

Well, Harry I got news for you. You can be replaced. Oh yeah I know the sheeple in your state think you are a great man and all. After all eighteen grandchildren. Hell of a job Harry. Too, too bad you didn’t stick to just screwing your wife and left screwing America as Bush’s surrogate dick to him and ‘The Toad’ Cheney. But Harry just because your sinecure as Senator is safe from a primary challenge don’t mean you are automatically gonna be Majority Leader of the pathetic chamber of fools and assclowns laughingly called ‘The Greatest Deliberative Body in the World.

Check what MyDD is sayin’ Harry and Kos don’t seem too thrilled not to mention this. Which, when you think about it make you a stinkin’ waste of our time. Think we ‘rude and uncivil’ bloggers don’t matter Harry; don’t like us much like the paid liar Joe Klein. Well everybody’s entitled to their opinion….

Even if it’s wrong.

What happens if, once again, we proud members of Left Blogistan put our shoulders to the wheel and elect 4 or 5 new Democratic Senators Harry? I mean progressive Democrats. The polls and analysis show it’s possible more than possible if we stay in The MeatGrinder and the idiot ReThugs cling to ‘Boat Anchor’ Bush.

Further, what if as a condition of our support we require those true Democrats who are running to agree to send you to the back bench Harry? What? You are going to stand up in front of the nation and tell the citizens that you are right to allow Bush and his cabal to kill more. To kill just as many as they like?

Because you are to chickenshit to stand up to the ReThuglican smear machine?

You think the wives, children and families of the hundreds and hundreds of American Soldiers who are going to die in a useless, vain effort to satisfy the psychotic Bush’s pathetic attempt to salvage the worst mistake our nation ever made are gonna thank you for sitting on the sidelines.

Doing nothing.

I think not.

I think you’re going to the back of the room where you belong and I for one will dance a little jig the day you step down as ‘leader’ of the Democratic Party in the Senate.

Probably give a big cheer too.

Clik on the picture to go to the Senator Harry ‘Liebermann’ Reids’ contact page at where you can send Harry some love or…whatever.


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