Do I hear the ‘I’ word being whispered in the corridors of power?

Nay, and I’m not likely to with the likes of the ‘Spineless Dems’ led by Senate Majority Leader Harry ‘Liebermann’ Reid. But, my good friends and blogosphere neighbors there is much, much more to our nation than the fools, wankers and cowards who inhabit the corridors of power.

There are for example the good, and they are very good indeed, citizens of Vermont. Who today  voted in their town meetings to call for the impeachment of the criminal George W. Bush who now holds the office of President of the United States.

Here’s an excerpt from the excellent dKos diary which I just read and which I recommend your read in it’s entirety. For someone like me who has been talking impeachment for over four years this is great to see happening:

In Middlebury, where Gov. Jim Douglas, a Republican, is the town moderator voters approved both the impeachment and troop withdrawal measures. Douglas, ironically, was the chairman of Bush’s 2000 election committee and 2004 reelection committee in Vermont.

Ellen McKay, a backer of the impeachment measure, said some members of the Middlebury Selectboard and Douglas tried to limit debate to one minute per person. Douglas also questioned whether something that was not warned should warrant a vote.

“But, there were a lot of people in Middlebury who understood what other business was going to mean and this huge issue for our community,” said McKay, who says the Iraq War, proportionally, has cost Middlebury $8 million to fund the war.

In Jericho, home of Democratic House Speaker Gaye Symington, who is not supportive of the impeachment measure, voters approved the impeachment resolution 88-67, as well as the troop withdrawal measure.Fascinating the Democrats don’t seem to be getting it but the Republicans do…

Interesting times.

Update: If you live in Oakland, California you can join these Vermonters and petition the House of Representatives to Impeach Bush by cliking the button in the sidebar, upper right.


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