Hunter beat me to it!

Hunter has written the post I was thinking on…..

No matter he’s a great progressive and a very good writer indeed. Here’s a sample of today’s post titled Weeks not Months:

‘Let me try and make something clear to the Democratic members of the House and Senate. There’s a world of hurt coming your way, and time is running out.’

That’s exactly right. He goes on to say, bold by me, that:

‘Quit jockeying for position among yourselves. Quit expecting ultraconservative apologists to offer anything more than plans to get more people killed and call it "progress". Quit expecting anything but another two years of incompetent buffoonery from the Bush administration. Quit expecting bipartisanship. Quit expecting miracles that haven’t come for three years, and aren’t just over the horizon now. And quit expecting patience.’

My favorite part is near the end:

‘You have no idea how much raw fury there is out there, just under the surface. And all the "Democratic apologists" like me are on our very last ounce of patience, and all the grassroots supporters have torches lit and and at the ready, and all the Democrats and Republicans in your district are watching to see whether you’re really different from the Republicans or not, and all the troops in Iraq are waiting to see if you can provide an ounce of leadership.’

Go read the whole thing. It’s not just rant; there’s a whole raft of good ideas on how we can actually get out of the hole President Idiot has dug for us. Read it and stay tuned.

You see, I’m part of that mob pictured above and I’m gonna pitchfork me some ‘Spineless Dems’ right soon if’n they don’t git off their Armani suited asses.

Weeks, not months.


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