Bush decides to take the ‘Easy Way Out’…

Well, how else can you explain his announced intention of vetoing any Congressional plan to withdraw our troops from The MeatGrinder Iraq. With nine U.S. soldiers killed in one day recently, the citizenry polling overwhelmingly for a pullout Bush sez: ‘I’ve decided we are going to stay…stay for victory…’

Bush is still acting like ‘The Decider’. Well his excellent adventure screwing up everything he or his incompetent band of thieves, murderers and scum administration is just about over. And no I’m not talking about the election coming up. He’s probably got plans to suspend that, using a purported or actual Al Qaeda attack on the continental U.S. as an excuse, and declare himself ‘President for Life’. Think I’m being snarky. Think again homer. This ‘Decider’, this ‘Crawford Caligula, this ‘Worst President Ever’, this sack of useless blood, wind and shit already sees himself as Truman. Why should he not cast himself as Augustus Caesar?

Why not indeed.

With Senator Harry Reid and Co. acting like Chihuahuas, all yap and no bite, what does the Chimp have to worry about?



This just in:

‘Senator McConnell and his Republican leadership can continue to follow the president off the cliff and try to block debate. And I understand why they want to block debate. They’re torn between their president and their constituencies. But they will not succeed because we are in the majority.’

Who the heck was that!

And then…

‘…said so clearly and so well, this war is unpopular. It is draining the American treasury not only of our gold, but our young men and women. And so I think they had better start looking at what is right, not what is good for the president.’

What the f$%3k who has the balls to say that to the colossus that is McChimpy?

First quote is by Senator Charles Schumer, second by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. This is not good news for The Chimp. When these two gentlemen, and I do mean ‘gentle’ start talkin’ tough about you you know you’re in trouble.

But help is just a click away Mr. Bush. So do us all a big, big favor and ‘do the honorable thing…’ for the first and last time in your life.

You can call Jim Baker for tips on just how to do it he’d be happy to see the last of your sorry ass.


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